The terror of the nasal aspirator

Nasal Aspirator
For babies, this is the object of terror
It’s the fifth day of Julia’s colds and comparing it to the previous episode ((It was a lot easier back then because she had a running nose, making the use of the nasal aspirator helpful and easier.)), it’s a lot more difficult and troublesome. The main reason is that her mucus is so sticky it just remains stuck inside her nasal passages. It’s the colds without the running nose. Even with an improved version of the nasal aspirator ((We’re still not convinced on getting a battery-powered one, because we feel manual aspirators give us more control over the sucking force, which is safer in our book.)), it’s so hard to get her nose unclogged. Instead of a rubber bulb that gives its suction power, it has a clear hose attached to mouthpiece, allowing the user to suck literally the mucus out of a baby’s nostrils. The vile gooey substance that is the source of her sleepless nights is then captured in a clear container for easy disposal. The clever device was made by Koreans. Finally something a lot more useful than K-Pop and Korea-novelas.

However, Julia doesn’t like the nasal aspirator being used on her. Not one bit. She screams and jerks around in order to avoid it. Which is more difficult this time around because now she’s bigger, heavier, more mobile and a good swing from her arm is like getting a left hook from Pacquiao. In each session, viewed by an outsider, the whole exercise has been aptly called, ‘torture‘.

Oh the humanity…

As her parents we don’t like it either. It tears us apart to see our daughter scream and wail in distress while we’re the ones who are actually causing all of it. But it cannot be helped. The other less intrusive way of unclogging her nose are not simply working this time. The eucalyptus oil, the saline nasal drops, and those off-the-counter menthol nasal decongestants. The damn mucus is still clogged inside her nasal passages.

Julia suffers the most from it. She can’t sleep well. She can’t nurse well. She’s less energetic and more irritable than usual. And for us as well. We too are being stressed out by all of this.

Man’s nemesis

Desperate times make me wish infants are born with ability to blow their nose. You think by now that that skill should have been already built in to our genes as we’ve been dealing with the cold virus since our earliest ancestors. It makes you wonder how the ancients dealt with it. From the nomad and slaves to the mightiest of emperors each one had a common enemy: the cold virus.

It is indeed one of the greatest nemesis of man. Despite our advanced technologies, medical science, blazing internet speeds, smart phones, genetic therapy and others, all it takes is a new form of the cold virus to send humanity cowering in fear and panic.

Well we’re off to the doctor later today. Not for a cure, as there is yet no cure for the common colds. But for Julia’s other but lesser health problem, her allergies. It’s the reason we can’t start her on eating solid foods yet without approval of her pediatrician, but that’s another story for another time.

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