The Story of Linux: 20 years of software freedom that changed the world forever

This month, I join the Linux Foundation and the thousands and thousands of fellow Linux users in celebrating the 20th anniversary of the iconic open-source OS that changed the world forever.

No matter which distro you use, no matter if you’re a free and open source supporter purist or not, we all share in this historic moment wherein we mark an important milestone in the history of computing, free and open-source software and technology; the two-decade milestone that Linux has reached.

To kick start the celebrations, the Linux Foundation has come out with a video that tells the story of how it all began and what Linux has achieved in the last twenty years:

Windows may still be the most used OS on PCs and notebooks, however Linux in its various distros or flavors has in turn pervaded almost all aspects of our contemporary history. Every where you go and almost anything you do, a machine or computer running on Linux has a part in it. That’s an achievement Microsoft and Apple would have a very tough time to surpass.

As part of the 20th anniversary celebrations, the Linux Foundation has lined up some great events, like the LinuxCon North America 2011 happening in Vancouver, Canada. A t-shirt design contest to commemorate the 20th anniversary and the Stories of Linux series which would showcase interesting stories about Linux from the last twenty years, including some pieces of analysis from Linux experts.

One of the most exciting event is the Linux Foundation Video Contest where the community is invited to create a one-minute video to celebrate the past, present and future of Linux with no less than its creator Linus Torvalds himself being the judge of the said contest.

I’d be sure to save up for that winning t-shirt and own a piece of Linux history. Maybe I’d even contribute my own Linux-inspired story. Are you a Linux user too? What distribution are you using? Happy 20th anniversary to all of us Linux users!

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