The skinniest pig in the world

spiderpigFor the first time since I could remember, I’ve been doing nothing but eat, sleep, bloghop, eat then sleep again during these past few days. Unlike last year and the years before, I spent the entire Christmas day at home, locked up in my room, listening to music then watching some movies on DVD, bloghopping then going to sleep again. No trips or visits to my relatives or with friends long-missed. It was me, my room, a bowl of fruit salad, a stack of DVDs and the computer.

I guess with all the school and social work I did in the run-up to the Christmas break, getting away from it all and really taking a break this Christmas-to-New Year vacation came easy for me. Heck, I had a full-list of goals to do this holiday break but bumming out and eating like a pig was the only task I’ve done so far. What were those goals?


Write 20+ posts and schedule them out
-If you haven’t noticed, the latter half of 2007 has not been very productive for me blogging-wise. Since my school and social involvements have eaten much of my time, planning, writing and publishing posts in advance is the clear-cut solution in keeping this blog regularly updated.

Weed out my feed list and then include some new subscriptions
– my subscription list is 2 years old and some of the blogs have lost my interest while new ones have become part of my daily read. I have a feeling that cleaning up my feed reader would help me get back my lost level of productivity, if not improve it over-all.

Post some flagship posts for my new blog and announce and promote that new blog
-Yes, I’ve launched a new blog but right now I won’t be discussing any details nor posting the link as it’ll spoil this goal of mine. Watch out for it though, because it would definitely create some stir.

Aside from these blogging-goals, I also have some net related stuff to do. Maintenance and upgrades to the sites/blogs I’m tasked to maintain. I’ve done moving Genshiken’s blog + forum to my new reseller account by Hostgator and so far everything is going smooth and peachy. Next to be moved and overhauled is LIFE’s blog and the other sub-components of its online network.

Off-line, I have a mountain of laundry to wash, a room to thoroughly clean, books, CDs and DVDs to be organized neatly on the shelves and going back full-circle, all my school-related paperwork crying to be filed and organized. But there’s no sense rushing these as I still have 8 days of the holiday break to spend at my whims. Or, just like any other college boy, cram at the last moment before classes resume. Either way, all of it would be good material for a nearly-nonsense post such as this one.

In case you were wondering about the title, here it is, even though I’ve been bumming out and eating a lot this holiday break, so far I haven’t gained any weight. *sighs* Curse this hyper-active metabolism. 😛

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