The Nikon D40 that blogging bought

As I’ve commented on Jaypee’s post about his new laptop, he’s not the only one with a new toy. Finally, after years of saving up, working hard and planning, I was finally able to get my self a digital SLR camera.

It’s a Nikon D40 which I bought yesterday from Avenue Photo store at the infamous Hidalgo Street in Quiapo, Manila. Sir Abe was right, I snagged it for Php 22k (roughly $468 USD) of which I’m happy with because the temptation of using my aunt’s credit card to buy one from the malls almost got to me. It saved me a month’s school allowance.

The choice was between getting a Cannon 400D or their newest offering, the 1000D and the Nikon D40. Of all the blogging friends I’ve consulted, no one voted for the Nikon D40. I remember my fellow BK Crew, Tonyo Cruz telling me not to get the D40 anymore because it’s so “yesterday’s model.” So after doing some research on photography stores on Hidalgo Street, I found a list of stores and their contact numbers so that I could do some price canvassing before actually making the trip from Silang, Cavite to Quiapo.

Called each store one by one asking for how much they offered both the Nikon D40 and the Cannon 400D. I sounded like an idiot because all the stores I called told me that the Cannon 400D was already phased out, and the Cannon 1000D has replaced it. Next was almost every store had no Nikon D40 in stock so for a moment it seemed I was destined to get the Cannon 1000D which they offered at Php 28,000. It was a deal compared to the Php32k price tag the malls have given it.

Luckily, Avenue Photo Supply had the Nikon D40 in their shelves with a Php22k price tag. My mind was made up at that instant. It’s the Nikon D40 for me. Why so?

Self-photoI’m a newbie to digital photography and though I’ve learned a thing or two by using my Sony Ericsson K800i as a point-and-shoot camera, photography using digital SLRs is a whole new ball game and so I figured the Cannon 1000D was too much for a budding photographer like me. The Nikon D40 would be my perfect companion into the world of above-average photography. Actually, Digital Photography Review has greatly influenced my decision of going for the Nikon D40;

In everyday use the D40 is just what it set out to be, a very capable, compact, lightweight and easy to use camera which makes a perfect first step for anyone wanting to get into digital SLR photography. It provides enough control and a large enough range of manual settings to enable you to experiment and learn but also helps you to take great pictures in the process. It’s one of those cameras you can just pick up and start shooting without fuss, that you can hand to a friend who’s never used an SLR and know they’ll be able to do the same. All of this and a pretty decent kit lens for $600, I’d say it’s a bit of a bargain.

So now that I have my early Christmas present, I’d be spending more time learning about image composition, focal lengths, metering, ISO sensitivities, shutter speeds and other photography words, tricks and techniques as I mold and shape the photographer in me. With that, don’t be surprised if upcoming posts in this blog will be more about my progress in learning this new craft and hobby of mine. Plus, I have plans of hooking up with bloggers who are in the know about digital photography, nagging them for tutorials and tips, and possible collaborations, so watch out for that. Of course the most important of all, the photos I’d be taking myself for as the cliche goes, “a picture is worth a thousand words.”

Right now, I’d be sharing a handful of those, from last night’s unboxing of the Nikon D40 to the first shots I took with it.

Unboxing pics taken with my K800i phone

D40 boxedD40 body + lens

D40 all setNikon D40

Now for the first photos I’ve taken with the D40

moviesthe new beat

Silang @ nightSilang Town Hall

love birdslove birds

That’s it for now. More stories and more photos to come!

21 Replies to “The Nikon D40 that blogging bought”

  1. congrats jay! mas mura talaga sa hidalgo ng almost 10k compared sa malls. good thing di mo ginamit credit card ng aunt mo. hehe. okay na muna yang d40, you now need to save for the lens you want.

    1. @iRonnie – Now that you've mentioned it, I just realized it will take a lot more of saving up to get the lenses I want. I just browsed for them and already the price tags are giving me headache! 😛

  2. Hi Jhay!

    Congrats and best wishes re: your new toy.

    Natawa naman ako sa inclusion ko sa istorya ng D40 mo. I never discouraged you from getting one ha. I think what I told you was to consider getting that D40x instead. The D40 is a very capable and user-friendly DSLR. Nung meron pa kaming D40, ayos siya gamitin.

    Enjoy your D40. Its a wise buy.

    1. @tonyo cruz – Obviously, I forgot about the part where you recommended the D40x instead. lol

      I'm really happy with the new camera. Excited na uli ako kunan ng litrato si Mong at ang kanyang name tag sa susunod na BK event. hahahaha!

  3. jhay, no prob. add mo na lang sa multiply hehe. dun din magoorder yong isa ko pang friend, ako balak ko rin hehe… oks naman dun taga dlsu taft yong nagbebenta. hehe

  4. Congrats on your new toy dude! That's an early Christmas gift to yourself. Hehe

    If I didn't get a new laptop I would've been able to get a DSLR too for Christmas but who knows maybe Santa will have one for me. 😀

    1. Have you checked out the full-size images taken with the D40 on my Flickr page?

      From first look you'll know that K800i images are 'noisier' (more grain) as compared to the ones taken with the D40.

      Check out the full-size images linked above and you'll see the difference. 😀

  5. Hi sir! You have great photos on your flicker account. 🙂 anyway, i just want to ask kung yung mga photos mo ba sa flicker is galing sa nikon d40 mo? I am working as a photographer for school publication ng tipqc, and planning to buy a nikon d40. Pls help me with this. thanks talaga.;)

    1. Thanks for visiting my Flickr account and for the nice complements.

      Yes, 90% of the photos on my Flickr account were taken with my Nikon D40. It's an excellent model to have when you're starting to take your photography from a hobby into something more serious, like a career in your school publication. Most experienced pros and enthusiasts would recommend the D40 because it simply works and it works great. This is the reason why the D40 has outlived most other dSLRs in its class!

      Trust me, you'd never go wrong with the D40. Check out the DigitalPhotographer forums, it's a great place to hang out. Good luck!

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