The need to improve my handwriting

To those who know me personally and to a certain extent, my online friends (aka bloggers) I’ve always been a writer. Or someone with a gift of wielding the pen more powerfully than a sword. It began in high school when I’ve been consistently recognized for my essays and scripts.

However, unknown to most, save for my school mates and teachers, both past and present, I’m a writer with a terrible penmanship. In Filipino we call it “kinalahig ng manok” or chicken scratchings. That’s why when I was still in my pre-med course, everyone who caught a sight of my handwriting agreed that indeed, I have the makings of being a medical doctor, another one to wreak havoc on the eye-sights of pharmacists and would-be patients. Alas that will now never come to be cause I’ve switched over to my pre-law course and I’m hell-bent on finishing it.

And it’s become a worrying thing for me because as the title suggests, I really need to improve my penmanship. Two occasions have now convinced me of this.

I really need to improve my penmanship
I really need to improve my penmanship

The first one, was during my first meeting with my professor in my Essay & Essay Writing class last Thursday morning. She seemed to be a nice person and some one who really knows what she’s teaching. Any ways the first exercise she made us do was a quick writing exercise wherein we’d think of an object that best describes ourselves. It’s boring for some, but it’s way better than the usual routine done during the first day of classes where we’d stand one by one and introduce our selves to the class for the purpose of getting to know one another.

I’ll share what I wrote for that exercise once our professor returns our papers but since I was the first one to finish writing, my quick essay was the first one to be read. So anxiously, I waited for her reaction. A smile was always a good sign and she did give me one while noting to the class that she had found someone who’s good at writing. (Thank you!)

Shortly, she approached me and said something that inspired this post, the piece was excellent with only a few minor fixes to improve it more, however, the one crucial detail I must really work on is, you’ve guessed it, improving my handwriting.

She drove home the point when she shared that in essay writing contests, in which she had been a judge on several occasions, really good essays have lost because of poor penmanship. I’d argue that it’s the substance of the work that matters but who could blame them? Even I sometimes have trouble reading my own handwriting. So point is well taken.

The second reminder happened during my Intro to Political Science class. My professor was the infamous Sir Atienza who’s been known to really lay down the rules in his classes and at this early in our pre-Law studies, emphasize the need to seriously prepare for Law school.

One of the rules he laid down, was the to use only black ink-pens and write in script or cursive form, as this is the same requirement for Law school. That was easy enough, I thought. Then again the third component of this rule was what really got to me, we need to write legibly.

So, would my terrible handwriting ruin my career in writing and prevent me from getting being a Lawyer someday? Looking at its current form, I really need to work hard on improving it.

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  1. Well, yeah to be honest with you. It does look bad. Don't really know much about law school but on the subject of ugly handwriting, is that only confined to "chicken scratchings?" What about those who write as if they were still in gradeschool? Namely: me! I've gotten a lot of flak for my juvenile penmanship. šŸ™

    1. It doesn't look bad, it's terrible! lol

      I really need to work on it, so I plan on doing as much handwriting as I can.

      What do you mean by "grades school handwriting"? You mean those not in cursive form?

      1. Yeah, not in cursive form. You remember how teachers write out all the letters of the alphabet in kindergarten. That's how my writing looks like! I should have said prep school writing then. Oh well, I don't do much handwriting anyway.

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