The moon is now a graveyard

The next time you look at the full moon on a clear night and if memories of horror films, zombies and ghosts grip and send chills down your spine, you should be. Thanks to some enterprising US firms, the moon can now be used as a graveyard. Yes, that rock that orbits the our planet that has spawned countless tales of horror will once more live up to that reputation.

A US firm specializing in sending people’s cremated ashes into orbit is going to turn the moon into a graveyard for earthlings beginning next year.

Instead of caskets or urns, ashes of the dearly departed will be sealed in capsules built into lunar landing modules, which will serve as communal crypts on the moon’s surface.

Celestis Inc. will charge about 10,000 dollars (US) to send a single gram of human remains to the moon and plans a deal for couples — 14 grams of ashes from two people for approximately 30,000 dollars.

Celestis confirmed on Friday that it has deals with private firms Odyssey Moon Limited and Astrobotic Technology Inc. to send cremated human remains to the lunar surface via private rocket flights by the end of 2009.

Luna Service missions will be a “special honor available to all who share the vision of extending humanity’s reach to the stars,” the company said in a written release.

It may not be Halloween season yet, but if you’re crazy enough interested to have your deceased loved ones to make history and push the boundaries of human exploration, and have his/her remains buried on the moon you should start saving up money right now.

$10K per gram of cremated human remains?! Last I heard, there was an ambitious plan to colonize the Moon and make it an outpost of humanity’s reach into space, I never thought that the dead would be the ‘scouting’ party.

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