The Kimveer Gill effect

It has been quite a long while since I last watched TV in more than two hours at a time. I’ve been so busy or so entrenched in my computer I have totally forgotten to get my regular dose of the ‘idiot box’ unlike before.

Before my computer was connected to an unlimited broadband connection and my web surfing life was dictated by those dial-up prepaid cards, my hours spent at home were equally divided among my three main activities: web surfing and blogging, reading books and watching TV. How that changed is another story.

When I did get to spend more than two hours of watching TV yesterday, I was very concerned when I heard the news that another civilian school-shooting spree occurred in a college in Canada. The country holds a special place in my heart for reasons I’ve yet to disclose and again, that would be another story. Stories of that bloodier shooting incident in an American college some few years ago, (I totally forgot the details) flashed before my eyes, I literally blurted out, and do forgive me, upon hearing the news; “Jesus Christ!”

I was eager to know where in Canada and what particular college did the shooting occurred. I was relieved that the name of the college in my mind and fearful of, was not mentioned but instead the news anchor man stated that the tragedy took place in a college in Montreal and sadly, two people have died while almost 20 have been injured.

My prayers and symphaties to all the victims and their families. May God be with you all, always.

A tangled web

News of this and comments on this tragedy have already spread like wildfire in the net, particularly in the blog-o-sphere. The shooter’s name, Kimveer Gill currently sits at the number spot in technorati’s most popular searches. Much has been said and blogged about this 25-year-old’s shooting rampage. It is fascninating to note, that ramifications of this sad and senseless shooting spree has extended well beyond the traditional media, international borders and has made it into the world wide web. It may have even started there.

To say the least, blogs again played a big role in this story. Reports say that Kimveer Gill, had a website in which he threatened violence and made known his violent tendencies through photos and autobigraphies, literally painting a chilling portrait of an ‘Angel of Death.

This has raised the eyebrows of experts, saying that Police are powerless to find killers online. It is a growing concern that authorities should scour and monitor the web for potential criminals and social misfits as to prevent them from committing actual crime, but would this include that they should be barred from being able to use the web or make an online presence to begin with?

Already, the site that hosted Kimveer Gill’s blog has all but closed down until police has completed its investigation. Imagine if Kimveer or any other potential criminal had set-up his online presence in other social sites, like for example, Friendster, Multiply or the current king; MySpace. Would they also close down their sites and put on a press release saying that they had nothing to do with it?

Again, issues of online freedom of speech, and of expression, indemnity and disclaimer coverages are at the heart of this issue now that tragedy has passed and we are left to clean up and fix things so that this would never happen again.

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  1. it was dawson college and yeah itw as really terrifying we were in the school when that happened and wer all frekaed out…we thought this could happen to us too..dang theres so many …crazy peepz here in canada..

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