The ideal nose

I’ve been sneezing frequently for the whole day. A tell-tale sign that my immune system is in the heat of fighting off a foreign invader that has entered through my nose. I just wish my body defenders would hold out and prevent myself from getting the common cold. It should, I’m going to facilitate a Voters’ Education training tomorrow and I can’t afford to speak in front of an audience (DLSU-D’s University Student Council body that is) with a running nose and sneezing every five minutes or so.

As I scratch my nose in between the keystrokes of writing this piece, memories and thoughts about noses run through my mind. (Qui-Gon Jinn was right, “your focus determines your reality”.) I remember a classmate of mine back in my freshman highschool days who was brave (foolish really) enough to stand up and get himself into a brawl with a senior. Things got ugly, his face, rather his nose got really ugly. It recieved a kick from the senior he picked a tussle with and the result was a broken, nearly deformed nasal bridge, preceeded by massive bleeding of course. He was rushed to the hospital and was discharged after a few stiches. He fully recovered but not the shape of his nose. It stands out and simply attracts quite an attention from anyone who happens to sees it.

Owen WilsonTo illustrate what I am driving at, one must simply look at Owen Wilson’s nose and I’m sure you’ll get the picture.

I could stand suffering a broken arm, dislocated shoulder even a mangled knee (I actually survived through all of them, but that’s a whole new story) but a broken and soon deformed nose afterwards I find simply unbearable. My nose is it not as high-briged or good looking as it is (but it’s not that ugly either) that’s why I’m extra careful with the one I was born with.

Then again there are those who are not satisfied with their nasal compliments. They want more, they want something to be done about it and to it. It may be to improve their appearance and boost self-confidence which they would get in New Jersey cosmetic surgery. Improving personal aesthetics or to land that dream job, both could be achieved in a minor procedure that is now safe, reliable, and would surely reward you your ‘ideal nose.’

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