The Great Mouse Hunt

Yesterday, my parents and I spent half the day moving couches, huge cabinets, pans and pots all with one aim, to flush out the huge brown mouse that has moved in more than two weeks ago. This was the same mouse that has nested in the storage area just above the spiral staircase where all of our clutter has been dumped. In it you’d find boxes filled with old shoes, curtains, bags, pillows and a steel bed frame.

It was dark, cluttered and relatively undisturbed for months on end, making it the perfect spot for a mouse’s den. Today, we went in with flashlights, a wooden stick made of rattan and a broom. Soon after the second box was moved out of the way, our quarry leaped out and ran down the whole flight of stairs in a second, eliciting screams and panic from my scared girlfriend.

It went hiding behind the huge and heavy wooden cabinet we had near the stairs. Logic dictated that just like with the storage boxes upstairs, the cabinet too should be moved out of the way. However, physics and gravity has trumped logic. The cabinet was just too heavy to be lifted by me and my father.

So how then to flush out the mouse? I said that we could just tilt the cabinet a little so that mouse would feel that is has lost its cover prompting it to run out seek shelter somewhere else in the living.

So off went the pots, pans and appliances on top of the cabinet as well as in it. When it was light enough, I went half-way up the stairs to reach the top and tilt the cabinet a little forward. Armed with a flashlight, I flushed out the mouse which ran out on to the living room floor where my father waited with the rattan stick in hand. Amidst the panicked screams of my mother, girlfriend and aunt, my brave father landed a paralyzing blow to the mouse’s head rendering it half-conscious and twitching on the floor.

It was only then that we had a clear view of how huge it was, almost the size of my grandmother’s cat! Too bad I didn’t have a camera at hand to take a picture but then again, I don’t want to ruin the meal you just had or about to take.

Our moment of glory was short-lived as we all had to clean the entire house, as we all know how mice can contaminate things and surfaces it has touched and worse, harbor fleas that could infect us with dreadful diseases, put back the furniture we’ve moved out of the way as well as the pots, pans and appliances we took out of the cabinet.

However, we did all the labor with a smile knowing that our unwanted houseguest has been evicted for good. We can now sleep at peace knowing that our food and dishes would be safe and clean the following day. We also took the opportunity to get rid of old and unwanted clutter from the upstairs storage and my parents even had new ideas for renovation. But that’s for another post, for another day.

For now, the great mouse hunt has been a success!

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