The Four-eyed Journal mobilized by MoFuse

Many tech and web experts are saying that the future of the internet is mobile. With the appearance of a plethora of netbooks and the growing number of internet-ready mobile phones and devices, this is fast becoming a reality.

Hence those who make their living via the web must learn to adapt to this change. Hopefully, I’ve made the first crucial steps in the right direction when I signed up my blog to MoFuse just a few minutes ago.

MoFuse is a web service that lets bloggers create and manage a mobile version of their blogs. The service is easy to use, just give them the RSS feed of your blog and you’re assisted to create an account with them. Along the way, you’re given the chance to choose the URI of your mobilized blog, which would turn out like:, this blog’s mobile version can be found at

My blog, mobilized

Once you’re all setup, a WordPress plugin is available for download that automatically directs mobile visitors from your blog to its mobile version. I used a similar WP plugin that does the same thing a year ago but dropped it later on.

Now, everything is being taken care of MoFuse for me. So if you want your blog to reach the mobile internet as well, you know now where to go, to MoFuse’s site and “mobilize your blog.”

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