The first ones to be cast in hell

Holy Week is over, the Philippines will slowly return to its “normal programming” in a few hours’ time since it is, as of this writing, Monday.

Shows that promote mediocrity, giving dole-outs, sex and consumerism will once more dominate the prime-time slots in local television networks for all ages, especially children, to watch and emulate. But in these very same noon-time shows are the same TV personalities who starred in their respective networks’ Lenten season special proving one thing: they may promote the evils mentioned earlier 98% of the year, but during this holy week, they could come full circle and become symbols of repentance, compassion, and being true Christians. Not!!!

As I’ve said, in a few hours’ time, they will be at it again. Just like last year, even more daring and corrupting. Hypocrisy in all its raw glory.

Speaking of hypocrisy, it’s things like these that remind me of something my high school mentor once said;

Sa muling pagbabalik ni Kristo, ang mga una niyang itatapon sa impyerno ay mga ang mga pari at taong simbahan. (In the second coming of Christ, the first ones he’ll cast into hell will be most of the priests and the laity.)

I asked him why so? He replied;

Kasi ang sabi at bilin ni Kristo bago siya umakyat sa langit ay ipalaganap ang Mabuting Balita o magmalasakit sa kapwa tao saan sa mundo. Hindi yung magpagawa nang magpagawa ng mga simbahan, mangolekta ng pera atbp. (It’s because Christ told them to go spread The Good News or become compassionate for others in all corners of the world. He never told them to build huge churches, collect money etc.)

In the context of what is happening today in our country, DJB Rizalist has also answered my question eloquently:

From my experience with little children making up profound excuses for their dereliction of duty in the loss of a favorite toy or article of clothing (and perfervid vows to look for it) the Catholic Bishops newfound dedication to searching for “the Truth” sounds more like an evasion of the Truth even if they already know exactly what it is.

Yet, they are surely mostly good men, if a touch deluded about certain things. It is to me impossible that they are acting out of pure evil or clerico-fascism (though that has always been a fatal attraction), impossible that they do not see the President’s crimes and dishonesty, impossible they do not believe the testimony and the evidence piling up in the Senate about ZTE, Spratly and a dozen other major crimes of the president and her men. Many other impossibilities about them have been eliminated by logic and reason, therefore as Sherlock Holmes said, after you have eliminated the impossible in some mystery, what is left, no matter how improbable has got to be the Truth!

What is left, and it is not that improbable, is that like Romulo Neri himself, the Catholic Bishops have something about themselves that is so terrible and disgusting that they must hide behind a “continuing search for the Truth” even as they are being BLACKMAILED into complicity with a massive coverup.

So what is it? Sexual indiscretions and the fathering of children in confessionals? Homosexual orgies? Acceptance of gambling-stained Pagcor funds, rationalized into sanctity by the needs of charity? Paedophilia? What? Sherlock Holmes wants to know…

I may be ex-communicated for this or something but just like Sherlock Holmes and DJB, I also want to know. So my dear Bishops and priests?

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  1. Very true.

    Every Filipino is now experiencing HELL on Earth because of these priests. All they know is collect money and build churches which cost million pesos each.

    The evil dwells in the church as it was depicted in the movie Dominion: Prequel to the Exorcist. Actually that’s true. The evil ones dwells in the church. Those priests are the evil ones. They’re the root of all evils.

    Flame me now all of you who claims there’s a holy father in Vatican!

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