The End of the book blockade

Though I’ve been silent about the “Great Book Blockade of 2009” I join the many bloggers, netizens, lawmakers, writers, publishers, educators, concerned expatriates, artists and book lovers in claiming a victory against the folks at Bureau of Customs who violating an international treaty and imposing taxes on imported books.

Most are familiar with the issue by now but a quick summary is provided in video primer by Komikero BIDJO:

Now, the gloom and doom that has gripped the book-lovers of this country along with its future is over as Malacañang has ordered the Department of Finance to scrap the collection of taxes on imported books.

There’s a truth in what 1ReAd2 has written that though taxes on imported books have now been lifted, not everyone can buy or import a book. However, this victory is for all of us, especially those who cannot afford to buy a book but still want and dream of reading one.

The thing that I’m happy with the most from issue is that we are reminded of how books are still a very important commodity in our society. Despite the continuing rise of the internet and electronic media, it’s a good feeling to know that the good’ol paperback still has a place in our hearts and not just in our shelves.

With this new found awareness and care for books, reading and the rule of law, I hope that we move forward to more productive and good things like encouraging government to give more support and effort in putting up public libraries throughout the country. More effort and government resources be used in making sure that our schools are equipped with the books that we need.

Once more, bravo to all those who have joined in on this struggle!

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