The Dark Knight on DVD

Finally! After months of waiting and skulking around Odyssey and AstroVision, I bagged my self a copy of the most awesome movie of 2008, The Dark Knight. Half of my Christmas shopping list for this year is already checked out.

The DVD set has two discs, the movie itself and a bonus disc containing special features like: Gotham Uncovered: Director Christopher Nolan and his team developed the new Bat-suit and the awesome Bat-pod. Plus more behind-the-scenes stuff.


6 The Dark Knight scenes in IMAX: Prologue, Hong Kong, Armored Car Chase, Lamborghini Crash, Prewitt Building and the Finak Montage scenes all in glorious IMAX format. Though it would be enjoyable to the fullest in IMAX theaters.

Gotham Tonight: 6 epsidoes of Gotham Cable’s premier news program.

The Galleries: The Joker Cards, Concept Art, Production Still, Trailers and TV Spots.

The Blu-Ray version of the movie has a different set of features like the Pyschology of The Dark Knight which delves in the psyche of the film, the characters and the city. No Blu-Ray player at home but I’m happy with the DVD set.

The DVD goes Php895 at AstroVision and when I picked it up last Tuesay night, the sets that came with either a Batman mask or the Bat-pod was no where in sight. Probably too expensive at the moment for Php1700+

With the much deserved Christmas break just a week from now, my lazy afternoons would be made awesome by my growing DVD collection, with The Dark Knight being one of the prime sets. On the side, this is something to remember the late actor Heath Ledger in one, if not his, best acting performances ever.

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