The Best Racing Game Setup: A Formula 1 Team’s Virtual Race Simulator

Formula One racing is one of the most technological sports known to man. The drive to achieve a better performing car is helped along by technology. However, F1 is also known as one of, if not, the most expensive sport on the planet. So teams and organizing body FIA are finding ways to keep the costs down, especially now that we’re in a global economic slowdown.

Cost-cutting has resulted in a lot less on-track testing, which has pushed teams to use virtual simulations instead. It is also used in training new drivers besides components and car setups. Again, advancements in technology are making virtual race simulators more and more accurate for data-gathering and a more realistic experience for drivers.

Check out the video below from the BBC when they were given the chance to get their hands on Williams’ F1 team’s virtual race simulator:

At home, the closest thing I have is my setup of F1 Challenge: ’99-’02 from EA Sports and my Logitech MOMO Racing Wheel which I bought some 4 years ago.

Then it got me thinking, would the future of motor racing lead to championship races done in virtual reality instead of meeting at race tracks?


Virtual simulation technology may be advancing further, becoming more accurate for tests and more realistic for driver training but nothing beats the physical race, the smell of hot rubber on the tarmac, the glitz and glamor the roar of engines and of course, the thrill of zooming around the track at break-neck speeds.

Environmental concerns would be solved once electric cars reach the performance level of current internal-combustion engine race cars.

Going back to the virtual race simulators, wouldn’t it be cool to have one at home?

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  1. I agree nothing will ever beat the real thing, but I wouldn't mind experiencing the virtual reality. With 3 D gaming coming and the improvements in motion sensory gaming, I think virtual simulators are going to see a jump in popularity.
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