The Basic Rights of a State

Later today in my Introduction to Political Science class, we would discuss the basic rights of a state. So the question is, what are those rights?

However, one basic question comes up, to begin with, what is a state?

Justice Isagani Cruz gives a definition in his book on International Law:

a state may be defined as a group of people living together in a definite territory under an independent government organized for political ends and capable of entering into international relations.

Now that has been cleared, let us proceed on the first question as what are the rights of a state.

Again, Justice Isagani Cruz provides us with the answers:

  • The right of existence and self-defense
  • The right of sovereignty and independence
  • The right of equality
  • The right of property and jurisdiction
  • The right of legation or diplomatic intercourse

I’d like to expound some more, but it will be reserved for another time. I wanted this to be brief and concise.

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