Thanks to The Four-eyed Journal Sponsors

It’s the last day of May and looking back on the past months, a lot of things both good and tragic has happened to me, my life and this blog, but I’m thankful I’m still here and looking forward to better times ahead.

I wouldn’t have made it this far if it weren’t for the sponsors of this blog and so I’d give this space to thank them all.

Enthropia Philippines – They’ve been supporting us bloggers for three years now and still continuing to do so. These guys are just awesome! Do check you their projects, which in itself are noteworthy as well; Boracay, Boracay Map, Boracay Weather, Top Blogs, use & Open Street Map.

McDonald’s Online Delivery. Check out their new big-sized fries.*

Samsung Philippines. Samsung is giving away a free UltraTouch if you join their contest and vote for the best style icon.*

SEAir. With over Php100 Million in discounts, get as much as Php1,400 off per flight to any destinations of SEAir.*

LaptopLogic – a great resource to check out when you’re on the search for the right laptop that suits your needs and fits your budget.

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