Taking a Break from College

In an earlier post announcing that my 1st daughter has been born last June 7, I shared a realization that things will change in my life, a lot of things. Among them would of course would be my priorities.

Right now, my new family is my priority. I need to devote much of my time and energies in taking care of them. From my understanding, caring takes two forms mainly, material and non-material.

Material naturally means that I have to provide for my new family’s needs and ensure that they have a roof over their heads, food in their stomach and clothes on their backs. Of course throw in an occasional recreational activities like going to the movies, visiting some place for rest and relaxation, and the like.

Non-material means that I need not just to be simply around whenever my baby or recovering wife needs me, I need to have my loving and caring presence felt by both of them. It’s bonding time every time.

Now it means that I no longer have the time for the other things that I used to do up until now. Being a college student-leader and volunteer that’s . That’s why I’ve decided to take a leave of absence from DLSUD this 1st semester.

Not only that my new family needs me, I need my self too! I can’t take care of them at home where I already do a lot of chores and get inadequate sleep while I manage two organizations and regular classes at school all at the same time. Though I know I can, it’s just smarter not to.

Besides, I’ve been in those two organizations for quite some time now, it’s a good opportunity to move aside and let others take my place and show that they have what it takes to lead and succeed. For my org-mates, don’t worry too much. I’d be back this coming second semester, better than ever. In the meantime, I’d get in touch to further facilitate my sabbatical.

On top of that, I could use the break myself. I could revisit the things that got pushed aside and gradually start working on them again. Chief among them, is my reading list and book blog!

So, for the next five months, you’d be reading more about my new family life and other geeky adventures. Hopefully, you’d stay around for the journey and the stories.

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