Taiwan quake reveals Globelines crappy broadband services

It’s been a week now since the earthquake off Taiwan has greatly affected the internet connections and communications systems of the country. From blazing speeds of no less than 400kbps before the earthquake, my Globelines broadband connection has been down to dial-up speeds, even lower.

Last night, I was so frustrated because from around 7pm to almost 11pm, my connection was just useless. The only site I could access is my Gmail-powered e-mail. However downloading attachments were at 0.4-1kb/s! OMFG! Uploading the files needed by my professor? Forget it, I just used my USB thumb drive and would have to manually give the file later this day. I wasn’t able to do my homework and my research because of this. Would my professors accept my excuse that ‘my internet connection at home wasn’t working last night’? Hell no! Now I understand that the earthquake was really no one’s fault and we’re lucky that very few were hurt or killed and that, at least, internet connections have been restored – to a very, very limited capacity.

Though I’ve been wondering and have come to suspect that Globelines has been the worst affected or most ill-prepared among the broadband providers in the country. A great shame and disappointment really, thinking that I actually bragged the I’m quite happy about their consistent high connection speeds and satisfactory customer support, until now that is. Just ask Carlo of My Journal Philippines, he’ll tell you how crappy Globelines’ Broadband service is.

There’s more evidence that would support my theory that Globelines is the most ill-prepared/incompetent/incapable of recovery or remedying this situation or worst-hit by the cable damages brought on the Taiwan earthquake. It can be found over at the comments section of post in PinoyTech Blog surveying the Broadband provider’s performances after the quake. From there, you would read that the readers who are Globelines broadband subscribers say that the service is useless and crappy. Even more surprising, commenters say that Smart BRO is back to normal. Disappointing and frustrating indeed. It has been a week already, the other providers have restored their services to normal levels. Why can’t Globe do this as well?

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  1. Sorry to hear about your frustrations with Globeline, Jhay.

    I've been telling friends both here and abroad that despite the astronomical subscription fees charged by high speed ISPs here in the Philippines, it'll still take us another three years to fully catch up and enjoy the total online experience as enjoyed by those in the States.

    I was used to high speed online connections back in NY — cable online access at home and T1 lines at work, but here in Manila I use a lowly dial-up service, because I refuse to shell out those high subscription rates. Despite that, check out how they respond to such problems.

    Hope your online access problem gets resolved soon.

  2. Don't worry, it's not just you. I'm using PLDT DSL and can't connect to most sites. Trying to download anything is a hellish ordeal. And all this despite the fact that other subscribers in my area have had their fast connection restored to them. x_X

  3. I can't blame the quake but I am blaming Globe Innove. Don't they have enough alternate routes like Eastern Telecoms and Bayantel? They should always be prepared for this kind of situation. Redundancy is always a must and they should invest more on network infrastructures.

    I am so fed up with Globe, if there's another provider available here in my area I will not think twice in dropping this line and getting on a new provider.

    In the US, Earthlink provides 3Mbps of DSL connection for $49.95 and free for 6 months with 20 hours of free dialup monthly and 8 e-mail address. Customers are complaining about slow speeds but they're still getting around 2Mbps. Slow huh? Here $49.95 is just for 768Kbps DSL connection, err SLOW DSL connection.

  4. I won't blame globelines for being unprepaid. Every ISP was affected there are some ares that has a good connection and some has bad ones. Aside from each commercial provider has different infrastructure.

    My bayantel is slow when comes to surfing but on downloading torrents ok naman.

  5. Thanks to their crappy services, I just missed the deadline for writing a sponsored post from ReviewMe.com

    My connection just returned this morning after it was lost yesterday afternoon.:sad: I was counting on that sponsored post to help me fund my upcoming field research.

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  7. its almost 15days already but the connection still the same i wonder how Globelines is doing.

    I hope they will consider an alternative routes, aside from taiwan’s routes.

    Crap you globelines am losing alot damned.

  8. globe broadband still sucks at the moment, my connection still ranges from about 50bps(that's really in BYTES) to about 4kbps and downloading something even as small as 1mb takes a long time. I tried to call globe cs but all i can hear is the crappy josh groban songs and not anyone to help me with this crappy inet connection. which dsl provider has gotten their normal speeds back? i'm quitting on my globe broadband connection and looking for a new one…

  9. Thanks for reminding me to stay cool. So that everyone else would know from where does this grudge on Globelines broadband comes from, here’s my situation which I’ve already reported to their CSR when I finally asked for a rebate on my billing.

    Though I don’t know how would you keep your cool if you were in my shoes, using my crappy Globelines broadband connection. Everyone is affected, but how come I’m still affected?

    I could tolerate dial-up speeds, but selected connection times? Ever since the quake, my connection is dead every 12mn up to almost 6 pm the following day. It’s only been last Sunday since I felt some temporary improvement. My three neighbors who are on MyDSL has never experienced their connection being dead since the quake though it has slowed down as well. Another friend of mine in my area, on Smart BRO, his connection has returned to normal since then.

    Here’s the most unbelievable part, my aunt, who’s also on Globelines broadband, lives in the same neighborhood, has had her connection slowed down as well but never did she experienced days of no connection.

    As a result, I failed 2 school exams because I was unable to do research and submit my school paper online, and on time. I also lost three opportunities to earn money that would help me fund my undergrad thesis next year because again I wasn’t able to respond to those potential benefactors on time via e-mail. I know Globelines is not liable for any of these losses because it was stipulated in their service agreement policy/contract.

    All I could do is to ask that they re-adjust my billing so that I would only pay for the services I actually used. But still, it pales in comparison to all what I lost and still continue to loose because of their seeming “unpreparedness” for this kind of “natural events” while on the other hand, their competitors have shown how committed they are to ensuring they could deliver the services they promised and guaranteed to deliver to us paying customers.

    I am a proud Globelines broadband subscriber before the quake, now I’m not after this and many other not-so-good experience and encounters with their customer support services.

    But hey, I’m cool for now. I’ll just have to wait and see what my next bill would be like.

  10. Easy lang please… Lahat naman tayo ay affected. I, myself just subscribe to Globebroadband pero ang salubong sa akin eh, slow connection.. I understand naman their side and I know they are doing their job…

    At sa isang di anaasahang pangyayari, you will give up on their service? Shame naman, before the quake, you are happy with their service tapos ngaun tatalikuran mo na dahil sa nangyayari… Ndi ba dapat suportahan…

    Kaya just be cool. 😎

  11. I understand your side man… I also experienced that in Smart Bro, Iam having disconnection problem for almost 1 month 3, we request for rebate but our bill still the same… SmartBro is much worse I think than GlobeBroadband before the quake.

    Comment lang Jhay, kung pursigido ka to do on something, maraming paraan, you cannot blame anyone for your failure… About your failed exams, why didnt you rented outside and do reasearch besides you said yung iba naman ay OK ang connection… Again, this is just my comment for your post… peace..hehehe

    Just wait and all will again be OK… And also one thing, DSL is also based on your distance from the Telecom station to your house… So the more you are getting far, the speed also decreases but not that huge… 😎

  12. Ikaw na rin ang nagsabi na lahat ay apektado. Even the internet cafes in my area were either connection-less or had so may customers lined up for a unit the place almost looked like a Lotto station.:lol:

    I tried going over to my friends to borrow their PCs and uber-slow yet still connected DSL lines, but fate was against all of us. Nakapila na rin pala ang mga kamag-anak at kasintahan ng mga tropa ko kaya shempre, sila ang uunahin nila hindi ako. Sinubukan ko sa school library, lumiban ako ng morning classes ko sa pagasang matatapos ko ang exams before the deadline, kasawiang palad, nagmistulang enrolment section ang computer lab ng library namin sa dami ng mga nakapila. Guess what? Karamihan sa kanila naghahabol din ng deadlines, at halos kalahati ng klase hindi nakapasa kaya bumagsak tulad ko. So ayun, ginawa ko ang lahat ng alternatibo kaso nabigo ako, hindi sana magkakaganito kung mas naging handa ang globelines sa mga ganitong pangyayari, nadaig pa sila ng Smart Bro! Akalain mo yun? 😆

    Pero tapos na ito, nangyari na ang mga nangyari. Wala nang magagawa kung hindi magrequest na lang ng re-adjustment sa next bill ko.

    Alam ko rin ang tungkol sa technical aspects ng DSL at geographic factors na pwedeng makaimpluwensya sa quality ng connection. Pero tulad nga ng sabi ko, ang mga katropa kong naka PLDT MyDSL na halos kapitbahay ko lang may connection pa rin, kahit ubod ng bagal, yung sa akin may connection lang tuwing 6pm hanggang 12midnight, tapos nun, wala na. Buti nga nagkaroon na ng konting improvement ngayon.

    Sana naman ay maraming natutunang leksyon ang globelines dito.:roll:

  13. 😡
    we would like to know if GLOBE BROADBAND especially TECHNICAL 24/7 cust service HOTLINE is also affected by taiwan earthquake!!! Its really frustrating…

  14. yes they are totally affected too crazy hotline…
    in fact it’s almost about a month that i had been contacting their 24/7 customer service. Guess who answers? hehehe.. it’s their programmed robot operators…until now they still don’t meet the true meaning of providing a world class service by broadband.

  15. This broadband connection they have is damn shit. there is no day that it won't stable to connect. my calendar has lots of x mark because i started to monitor they're broadband but even 1 day of stable it won't.

    i plan to transfer to pldt which they have a landline, a dsl connection and a free ndd cal (pldt to pldt) and it only cost 888 pesos per month. rather than globelines broadband which is 995 per month. i still haven't receive my rebate yet. WHERES THE FUCK IS MY REBATE?

    all i can do this days is to wait for them to come here and get disconnected. I'm not satisfied with there service. all they want is the money we pay. that's all..

  16. Globelines Broadband SUCKS! I get disconnected every few minutes and Im always calling their Technical Support line but they always let me do the same mumbo jumbo but no change with the connection whatsoever. Not to mention that my ear bleeds from hearing Josh Groban played over and over while you wait for someone to answer your call… FOR 30 MINUTES!!!I mean what the f@#$ are these people doing? ANd HEY! where's that rebate you were talking about?Im tired of this damn connection but what can we poor subscribers do? Except to wish with all our might that whoever is responsible for our sufferings from Globelines be BURNED IN HELL!

  17. the bad part about that is there connection was down for a whole month and they only gave a half rebate what the hell!!

    and not just that there connection always disconnects!!

    well i can say pldt is more stable than globe!!!!

  18. Dammit…. We've been using broadband last December but up to today…. this Globe Broadband never showed speed on us.. it can only open Yahoo.com and Yahoo Messenger… can't play games on it…. DIAL-UP is better than Globe Broadband…. I Refer PLDT DSL than Globe Broadband… better if Dial-Up if ur not downloading things…. BROADBAND SUCKS Can go upto 1-3kbps only

  19. Hahaha. Guys tell me more about it. I was a globelines subscriber before and got absolutely pissed. I suffered a lot after the Taiwan earthquake. And they didnt even give me the 50% rebate they promised. Used to live in Kapitolyo Pasig then I just recently moved to Maybunga. Freaking Globelines couldnt provide me broadband in this new area so I had terminate the broadband service. But since there is a lock in period, they said I will be charged termination fees. It's not my problem that they dnt have sufficient ports here. Damn it! AND THEIR CALL CENTER AGENTS/ CUSTOMER CARE PEOPLE AT THE BUSINESS CENTER SUCKS!!! I think they didnt even go to college.

  20. My connection has been running on super slow for 3 weeks now. Funny thing is it slows down around 8:00pm – I suppose when call center agents start working on their east coast accounts. Clearly a case of bandwidth throttling where Globe redirects precious bandwidth to higher demand, higher paying customers such as the call centers. Should be ok though, except they are using bandwidth previously allocated to a customer segment to serve another – most people would call this stealling!

    Well, these people obviously do not know the power of the consumer… so send your hate mails to the bosses of Innove…

    dexter.bautista@innove.com.ph, boboy.romero@innove.com.ph, tinamarie.ortiz@innove.com.ph, customercare@innove.com.ph, allan.cuevas@innove.com.ph, gil.genio@innove.com.ph, annalee.guevarra@innove.com.ph, marko.ureta@innove.com.ph, lino.cuachon@innove.com.ph, maremee.velez-matinong@innove.com.ph, cherryann.francisco@innove.com.ph, cocoy.claravall@innove.com.ph

    Oh and did you know that Manny Pangilinan actually responds to each and every complain that he gets when he still owned PLDT? Never get that from the bosses above. To think that MVP is so up there… interesting.


  21. connections can go up and down at some point. y'all know that. instead of blabbing around here, why don't you just cancel the service if you're not happy? mindless creatures.

  22. @ jay2inc:

    I suggest you read again the post and the related articles plus the other commenters' stories and posts as well. It will help you in understanding our side. Of course this would not work for narrow-minded people. Then again there's no harm in trying, good luck!

    After that think about the last phrase in your comment.

  23. jay2inc are you stupid or something?

    i think your the mindles freak

    we are talking here about the connection so other people will know what is the better one and what is not

    damn idiot!!

  24. @jhay

    i just would like to quote your post..

    you're blaming globelines because you failed your test? can't you be resourceful enough..and you even have time complaining…

    i know this post is so long ago.i was researching for a cause for slowdowns of dsl in the philippines..when i read your post it's so annoying..

    if i can't get my papers done online i'll find another way rather than sitting down complaining to whoever that "my internet connection is down!!! i will fail!!" if your neighbors have connection / or your friend.why don't you go there and do your papers, go to an internet shop, go to a library…sheesh..you're a student you're supposed to be resourceful not a crybaby relying most of your crap online….

  25. @somebody – Are you sure you read my post? Which part of it did you quote?

    Tell me where in my post I said that I failed my test because I blamed Globelines' poor connection?

    What I find annoying is that when people put words into my mouth and banter on from there.

    I do hope your research will come out fine, because you tend to put things out of context. The post was written in the aftermath of the Taiwan quake which at that time all available ISPs (not just Globelines) were still recovering from the network congestion because of the slow cable line repairs. Ergo, would my neighbors' or friends' connections be any better since all ISPs were affected?

    Lastly, I pray once more your research will come out fine because your last sentence needs some serious grammar check. 😀

    "you’re a student you’re supposed to be resourceful not a crybaby relying most of your crap online…"

    "relying most of your crap online…" wtf? 0_o

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