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Was tagged by Cocoy and then by Edward to do this 8 random facts about me. The rules are quite simple;

  1. you share 8 things that your readers don’t know about you then at the end, tag 8 other bloggers to keep the fun going. Each blogger must post these rules first.
  2. Each blogger starts with eight random facts/habits about themselves.
  3. At the end of the post, a blogger needs to choose eight people to get tagged and list their names.
  4. Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they’re tagged, and to read your blog.

I have a feeling I’ve done this meme once but heck, this is another chance to disclose if not confess a few more random (if not weird) facts about my self. As friends, blog-friends and readers have always come to know me as that uber-serious geek. Enough pish-posh and now here’s the inevitable.

The 8 facts:

  1. Though I’m a Human Biology major, I have more books about the Humanities (Pol-sci, History, Sociology, Philosophy etc.) than the about the life sciences. It all started back in my sophomore year in highschool when I met one of my most influential teachers of all time. He opened up my mind to whole new perspective and this is what makes my personality today.
  2. I’m not totally against the piracy of music. If I happen to really dig a particular band or artist’s music I’d go out and spend money on their original CD. If only one or two songs gets me hooked, I’d acquire just those particular tracks in some other evil way. 😈 Why spend lots of money on a whole album CD if I’m just going to listen to two or three songs?
  3. Still on music, I could really have a bad case of LSS or the last-song-syndrome. If a song really gets me hooked, I’d be playing it in repeat, all day in my mp3 player. Strange thing is, it takes me weeks to remember the whole lyrics by heart.
  4. I’d rather be an ‘irregular’ student than the ‘regular’ one. It gives me the freedom to design my schedule for the semester allowing me to balance(?) academics with my extra-curricular and social involvements. Besides, I get to meet whole new bunch of people every subject, every semester which I think is one the best things in college.
  5. It was in second year of highschool that I signed-up for my very first e-mail account. It was not a Yahoo! account like what 99% of my classmates had, rather it was a Hotmail account. I was so much of an e-mail noob back then the password to that account was well, ‘password.’ It was so rudimentary (not to mention ridiculous) hackers at the local internet shop I frequented failed to open my account while they easily broke into my friends’ inboxes and messed up their lives.
  6. If I don’t know you personally or at least spent time with you online (via forums, chat or on-line games, email, blogs and blogging) I would not add you up to my list of friends in Friendster. Call me snobbish or anti-social, I’m not comfortable with the idea that the majority of the 300+ so-called friends in my list are persons I’ve never even met in my entire life. The way I see it, it’s quantity over quality. 😉
  7. Volunteering for something has always been natural for me. Especially in the laboratory. I have volunteered samples of my blood, head lice (back in elementary), fingernails, hair (all sorts of it), saliva, ear wax, cheek cells, sweat, urine and almost every bodily fluid in laboratory experiments in the past 15 years or so of studying. Though I have yet to offer my stool and semen samples, but what the heck, anything in the name of science right? 😉 (That’s why I wouldn’t be surprised if a clone of myself would be somewhere else wreacking havoc and chaos to humanity. Cool!)
  8. I had never lost a tooth in the hands of dentist in all of my life. Whenever I had one about to come off because a replacement has matured and come out, my mother would get a sewing thread, wrap a neat loop around my loose tooth and in the count of three, she’d yank the damn thing out of my mouth. It was quick, almost painless, a whole lot cheaper than going to the dentist and it was an experience that helped me become a man. 😎

You learned a lot new and weird things about me today didn’t ya? Now to continue this tag, I’ll be tagging 8 wonderful people who have visited my blog this past few week.

Melo Villareal of Manila Freelancer

Jammed of JammedPh

ApplesH of Apples-Pie

RexRazor-ex of The King of Blades

Deuts of Deuts.net

Kegler of Ar-wee-der-yet

Shaun Low of Shaunlow.com

The 8th blogger to be tagged is you! Yes you my beloved reader. If you’d take on this tag, let me know and I’ll link to your post in a summary post by the end of next week. 😀

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  1. Just dropped by, and, I must say, nice posts you got here! I especially like this line:

    (That’s why I wouldn’t be surprised if a clone of myself would be somewhere else wreacking havoc and chaos to humanity. Cool!)


    More power to you and your blog

  2. @ Manila Freelancer: Sure thing. Thanks for the visit and I hope you enjoy doing this meme.

    @ Tavi: Glad you enjoy it.

    @ edward: Haha, salamat edward. I'll return the favor soon.

  3. I also have lots of books not so related to my profession. One must not limit oneself to the subjects he needs to specialize. It is still an advantage to have knowledge of different arts and sciences. 🙂

  4. @ arbet: Oh? I'll go look into your archives then. 😉

    @ Prudence: I agree. :mrgreen: Then again my mother does not. Especially when I use my textbook money on other books. 😆

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