Happy with Windows 8? Or hoping Windows 9 would be better?

It’s pretty much obvious that Windows 8 and its 8.1 update wasn’t as successful as previous versions of Windows were. And I don’t think the explosion of smartphones and tablets running on Android and rival iPads were entirely to blame. Just like Windows Me and Vista before it, Windows 8 was a failure. Should we … Read more

The Story of Linux: 20 years of software freedom that changed the world forever

This month, I join the Linux Foundation and the thousands and thousands of fellow Linux users in celebrating the 20th anniversary of the iconic open-source OS that changed the world forever. No matter which distro you use, no matter if you’re a free and open source supporter purist or not, we all share in this … Read more

Back to using JDarkRoom – distraction-free writing tool

Well, I’m back to using JDarkRoom, a distraction-free text editor based on Java. Took me quite some time to figure out how to install Java on Ubuntu 10.10 but since this post was written using JDarkRoom means I succeeded. Truth be told, I’ve been searching for a neat and simple writing tool every since I … Read more

Finally, Being Able to Chat to all Contacts on Ubuntu Linux

One of the trade-offs of using Ubuntu Linux is the fact that one can no longer use the popular chat clients like Yahoo! Messenger, Google Talk etc. thus making it difficult to get in touch with your contacts on Yahoo! and Gmail. The solution is using a multi-protocol chat client like Pidgin which is popular … Read more