Laptop Accessory: Bluetooth USB adaptor

Though the Compaq c765TU is a good laptop with mid-range specs it doesn’t come with a few bonus features that extend the mobility and utility of the portable computer. Such feature is a built-in Bluetooth capability which you can normally find in high-end laptops with higher price tags. Though Bluetooth capability is not that essential … Read more

Western Digital’s 320GB Portable Hard Disk Drive

In today’s world of rich media and content being created by the billions every hour, one could never really have enough disk space to store those cherished photos, amazing videos, heart-felt music and much more. Sure online storage services are becoming popular nowadays but what happens when you lose your internet connection or worse, you … Read more

Lifespans of HP Deskjet printers

Things have not been good for me since the blogparteeh07, first is the still crappy Globelines broadband connection, now it’s my HP Deskjet 3745 ink-jet printer. What happened to it? Well, it’s broken. For reasons still unknown, the printer just refused to put on its led light indicating its readiness to put into paper the … Read more