Switching back to Firefox

Sorry Google, but I had enough of the sluggish and buggy performance of Chrome, the web browser I loved for so many years. I remember the good feeling when I switched over from Firefox. Back then, it was like being on cloud 9 – web pages loaded fast, they looked good and having more than 7 tabs didn’t force my PC to kill it self. The experience was even more delightful on Linux. That was years ago. Now, it’s a complete nightmare. Every time I launch Chrome and open Gmail, Gmail, yes your own site, it would take a good 5 to 8 seconds for it load. In Internet terms, that’s more like a decade, heck my Photoshop now opens up faster on my PC compared to Chrome loading Gmail.

For other sites, it’s the same. No matter the method, be by clicking on hyperlinks, bookmarks and manually typing URIs on a new tab, it would not even load the page anymore. Instead, I get this:

Chrome error
Every time I open a new tab, this happens.

Trying out tips from the community like disabling the hardware acceleration in the Settings menu, removing plugins and extensions and even updating to latest version did not work.

So while I finish this post on Firefox, I am left to wonder, as do the rest of the Chrome users, what the heck happened Google? Why can’t you fix Chrome?

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  1. Chrome has been terrible as of late. But I’m using a lowly Transformer T100 at the moment and the limited RAM keeps on making Firefox crash – sometimes as often as twice an hour. Guess I’m stuck with Chrome until I upgrade.

    1. It’s getting worse. The browser hangs just after launching it. Google’s updates to its products have been buggy of late: Android 5.1, Google+ app and Chrome. It’s just terrible.

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