Sweden out to bust our privacy

This is one of the most ridiculous and revolting news I’ve ever read since I heard that Cesar Montano and Manny Pacquiao are running in the upcoming May elections in our country.

Sweden seeks telecoms monitoring

Sweden’s government has presented a bill to give its defence intelligence agency powers to monitor any e-mail or phone call into or out of the country.

The fact that the idea came from the Swedes is even more surprising. I’ve come to think of their government and people as amongst the few who really value, protect and promote basic human rights like the freedom of speech and the privacy of one’s communication. Right Uncle Sam?

As if adding insult to injury, they even had this to say:

The government says conversations within Sweden would remain untouched.

Oh sure, protect your own citizens’ privacy, but what about the rest of the worlds’?

We took so much, spent and continue to spend so much just to protect our privacy especially over the internet and here comes a proposal to monitor global flow of communication that happens to pass by Sweden without a court order?!

They may argue that it’s their territory and its their servers and communication facilities but it doesn’t mean that they can just pry into our e-mails and listen into our phone calls just because it happens to pass by through their country.

What will the Swedish government gain from this? If they are under the threat of terrorism then they could, but still under lawful means, tap in our communications then again are they under threat? Hmm…they could’ve been listening too much to what Bush and Blair has been blabbering about ever since 9/11, but then I still think the Swedes are too smart for that.

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  1. Well they better do something with their paranoia instead of poking into our privacy.

    Then again they really must have nothing else to do, they should just give us more aid, or give us some of their technologies to help advance our own. 😉

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