Poll of the Week: Which backup medium do you use?

I’d be amazed if you would answer “floppy disks” to this question. LOL Seriously. It’s not to offend but I’d find that very interesting and nostalgic – in a geeky sense.

Anyways, this blog may not have thousands of daily readers but for those who would visit, stumble upon or discover this blog by any chance (via feed readers, email subscription, search results for Naruto p0rn etc), please take some time in adding your answers to this week’s poll question:

“Which backup medium/s do you use?”


There are 4 choices, which are the general categories of how backup mediums can be classified.

CD/DVD-RW – for now I lumped all optical media storage types in one category.

Secondary internal hard disk – if you’re not going to dual-boot might as well use it as backup storage right?

External hard drive – for those who have the money or the know-how to transform a spare HD into an external storage solution.

On-line storage service – this could also be a hack like GDrive, but nowadays these online storage services are becoming popular.

You can vote for all of the mediums that you use. If you also would like to share your reasons, stories, tips and tricks or experiences with any or all of the storage mediums in the comments thread below. I’m sure it would be a worth-while read for everyone else. The poll closes this Sunday midnight, March 2. Then I’ll compile the comments and stories, analyze what data will be gathered and present a nifty post next Monday. I hope all of you would join in. ^^

10 Replies to “Poll of the Week: Which backup medium do you use?”

  1. Haha.. I wonder who still use floppy disk. And what kind of data can you store in a 1.44MB disk?

    Maybe you should've added a 2GB and up thumb drive 🙂 It's also good for backup.

  2. lol! this reminds me that I need to back-up my files NOW!, everytime my security alerts prompts me to back-up e ineexit ko….gaga ko talaga lol!

    And I have a new site also…kala mo kaw lang ha! wala lang! and it's far different from my manilenya blog.

  3. I'm craving for that external HD but my wallet, or my mom's, seems to spit. No more 100 thou bucks to afford one. I hate poverty.

    DVD's pretty decent for a backup for me. Haven't tried online backup yet.

  4. ***OFF-TOPIC***

    Jhay, a million THANK YOUs for your participation in our seminar. We started really really late because of the projector (Dr. Papa was kind enough to lend us one after all that *********) Your discussion about blogging really rocks. They were glued. I was glued. After that, the party animals (ie the MC students) were like asking more about blogging. I cannot thank you enough. I wasn't even able to speak with you more that morning what with the (*insert 6 seminar technical craps here). And I'm a sucker at hajimemashite's.

    Salamat po talaga nang marami!

  5. well i voted for external hard disk. I wouldn't call my method as in "backup per se". But this is what i do. The family computer is a linux box. it is mostly used for browsing and such. it has enough space. so what i did was turn it into a file server. it "automatically" broadcasts itself on the house network so my mac (the desktop that i personally use) can see it as "a mac server". the mac then auto mounts the server as a volume using apple file protocol very time. so essentially it is a networked external hard disk. home movies, photos, etc. can then be viewed on the mac streamed from the linux box. i haven't set up samba— but essentially the same technique can be used for windows-based desktops but instead of apple file protocol, the server can broadcast via windows file sharing.

  6. well my vote goes to online backup. I dont trust on an external drive, and that drive is rock-solid and guaranteed to never fail, the fact that it is also in my home is a problem. A fire or flood can take out my home, my computer, my backup hard drives and DVDs, and I would lose every photo I ever took of my kids. Simply not acceptable.

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