Supreme Court extends voter registration: Use the Christmas break to register as a voter

We should all thank the Supreme Court of the Philippines for siding with reason, acting swiftly and upholding our right to suffrage by granting KABATAAN party’s petition to extend the deadline of the continuing voter’s registration for the upcoming 2010 elections.

This is a victory for all youth especially the millions of eligible first-time voters who failed to register the first time around. Now that the registration has been extended up to January 9, 2010, let us not waste this opportunity to visit your local COMELEC office and register as a voter.

Here’s the text of the Supreme Court decision extending the deadline of voter registration courtesy of fellow BK Crew Tonyo Cruz:

GR189868: Full Text of Supreme Court decision on voter registration

Use the upcoming Christmas vacation wisely and it would just take a day to register as a voter. Congratulations to Rep. Mong Palatino of KABATAAN party and the other progressive youth-leaders who joined in the petition, this decision of the Supreme Court is a decision for our collective democratic struggle to advance the rights and cause of the Filipino youth.

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