Support Senate Bill 3300: Crowdsourcing Act of 2012

As an anti-thesis to the draconian Cybercrime Act of 2012 which is currently suspended thanks to the temporary restraining order put in place by the Supreme Court last week, netizens are being asked to support or at least contribute to the polishing of Senate Bill 3300 or Crowdsourcing Act of 2012 as filed by Senator TG Guingona III.

In its simplest terms, the Crowdsourcing Act of 2012 aims to provide a mechanism for both houses of Congress to consider inputs and comments by the people through the internet or other communications technology as part of the law-making process.

The bill thus promotes greater people’s participation in the formulation of national laws and policies. It also promotes transparency wherein it requires both houses of Congress to publish pending bills online and invite the public to provide their inputs.

Check out the full text of the proposed Crowdsourcing Act of 2012 below:

SB 3300: Crowdsourcing Act of 2012, filed by Sen. TG Guingona III

True to its spirit, the proposed law itself is open for inputs from the public. Feel free to add your comments or send them to the Office of Sen TG Guingona III. You don’t have to support the Senator himself, just consider the merits of this proposed law.

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