Support HB 6799: Anti-No Permit, No Exam Bill

The “No Permit, No Exam” policy has been a policy that has long continued to make students, most especially the poor ones to suffer and struggle to finish their education. In most cases, students who are unable to pay their tuition fees are forced to drop out because they’d been denied to take major examinations which would jeopardize their hard-earned grades at the start of the semester or school year.

With this policy in existence and practice, education has indeed become a privilege rather than a right as guaranteed in the Philippine Constitution. However, progressive student-leaders have continued to struggle for the abolition of this policy. The history of campus-politics and student government elections have often been decided by this issue.

In De La Salle University – Dasmariñas, we took the opportunity of the resisting this policy during the revision of the DLSUD University Student Council revision last 2007, wherein we included an anti-No permit, No Exam policy in the Bill of Students’ Rights.

Though it met some resistance from the representatives of the University Administration, we were able to muster enough votes to have it ratified. So now, students can find this anti-No Permit, No Exam policy enshrined in the 2008 USC Consitution, Art. III, Sect. 1, a.4

Student with delinquent accounts permitted to take examination shall nevertheless be subject to the right of the University to withold the release or issuance of student’s school records or documents or to deny such students from admission for the next semester or year until prior delinquencies are fully paid.

Fortunately, KABATAAN party-list has taken the struggle against the “No Permit, No Exam” policy to the halls of Congress and has introduced a bill that makes such policy illegal. House Bill No 6799 or the “Anti-‘No Permit, No Exam’ Act of 2009”.

HB 6799 Anti-No Permit, No Exam Bill-2

Hopefully, the bill will be passed into a law. Which is what should be done, and should have been done a long time ago. Private universities & colleges, most of whom are Catholic institutions must realize that education should not be a business, rather, it should be done as a ministry, service or vocation as many of them profess, and this proposed law would ensure just that.

Let us support this measure in Congress. Write to your representatives ask them to support the House Bill No 6799, organize and mobilize our fellow students to show support and campaign for the passage of this measure into a law, thereby, ensuring all Filipino youth the education they so richly deserve.

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  1. it is indeed a benefit to us students to disallow the no permit, no exam policy, because this days money is very hard to earn and find at once, and its not unfair for those student who has the capability of paying tuition fees on time, its clearly a humiliation to those students who wanted to graduate… and besides where does the miscelleanous fee gone if they're saying where to get the budget for the bills and salary? before putting up a so called school automatic they have the budget beforehand. Besides they can hold the important documents of a student who had not yet paid.

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