Summer plans: School, freelancing and getting fat

School is almost over and already we are feeling the summer heat. Vacation season has upon us, well to those who go to school. No more allowances, no more homeworks, no more free airconditioned room, no more free internet, no more professors both lousy and great, and less of my school friends. Life is indeed about trade-offs.

So what to do this summer? I’ve been thinking lately and so far my plans are already taking shape.

Summer class

summer classHated the idea of spending summer vacation in summer classes at first because it was boring but I have come to love the idea and the benefits of it. First, I get to do something very worthwhile during the two months of no school, and second I get to learn new stuff, inch my way towards finishing my undergrad degree and of course the return, to some measure, the benefits I’ve mentioned earlier. πŸ˜‰

Summer Job

summer jobMother has been discreetly telling me, or giving hints that I should instead, go get a job for the summer. Which is not bad, I’d earn some money, be able to pay some of debts, and gain valuable work experience. Call Centers? Possibly where else can I get hired on the spot and get decent pay considering that I’m not yet married, but I’ve set my mind on getting into summer school so a sideline stint would be best.

Here’s where blogging comes into play. I’ve been thinking of trying my luck with getting a freelancer job as a blogger in some of the well-known blog networks out there, already I have one in mind. There’s one thing that bothers me though, I don’t have a PayPal account and that reduces my chances of being hired. I heard PayPal will be fully functioning here in the Philippines by 2007, when will it be? This December? πŸ™„

Summer work(the unpaid one)

hard workJust like all the other summers I had before, I could probably spend this one in the midst of my community work. I have community theater that’s going full swing this summer, there’s the upcoming elections of which my services would be needed by the local parish, there’s my volunteer work, there’s my responsibility of taking care of my student political party. Not to mention my own laundry, cleaning up my room and finding money to pay for my broadband bills.

Summer Fun and relaxation

relaxI’ve never really spent summer by going on vacation before. A vacation in its truest sense. Like going to the countryside (I’m already in the countryside, thank you!), or somewhere far from work, school and other routine stuff that I do. Just relax and lay down under the sun, being carefree, rebuilding and rejuvenating my self.

Maybe I should just stay at home and be a couch potato. Do nothing but sleep, eat, watch tv, do some blogging and online stuff, then sleep and sleep some more. I’d gain some weight which would be to the delight of everyone I know especially my self of course.

So which one? Maybe a combination of the three? Or the summer class + freelancer stint combo? Or maybe I should just stay at home and be a couch potato? Decisions…decisions…

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  1. ita-try ko sa Goldilocks SM Bacoor mag apply ng summer job kasi iniinsist ako ng ate ko, may opening daw. pero mama ko naman gusto akong pumasok para sa summer classes para mabawasan subjects for the coming sem.. haay. wala lang.. share lang. πŸ˜†

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