Struggling to organize the workflow

Contrary to what my non-blogging friends cum blog readers’ belief that I have quit blogging and will sell this blog, I’m breaking the much extended blogging hiatus with this post today.

Where the heck I’ve been?

This past week, I was out for most of the day directing and mounting Sining Bayan’s Silang Day theatrical production, “Silang Magigiting” which was premiered last Saturday, June 9, 2007 at the Silang Town Plaza. It was for the celebration of Silang Day and the inauguration of our town’s newly elected officials.

Below are some photos I took with my trusty SE K800i. Don’t wonder why I’m not in any of the photos because I’m the one who took them and I was doing so many things at the same time; directing, managing the backstage, keeping tabs on the finances of the production and keeping those hormone-enraged teen actors and actresses focused on their acting. Nonetheless, it was one heck of a great week!


Silang Magigiting 07 017

Silang Magigiting 07 020

Silang Magigiting 07 019

In the last photo, is Supreme Court Justice Presbitero J. Velasco, Jr. who was guest of honor at the ceremonies.

The rest of the photos from the entire production can be found in my awesome zooomr photos page. Other shots of the actual performance would follow suit.

Lastly, I have a feeling questions like, “You do theater arts?” or “Ano ba talaga course mo?” will be coming from readers who never knew I’m into these kind of activities knowing that I blog about geeky and political stuff. And here’s another secret, I’ve been into theater arts long before I ever heard of the word ‘blog’.

I really, really, really hate Globelines broadband

Aside from the week-long production which shaved off any ounce of weight I gained, plus more, during the summer break; I was unable to blog and go online from June 6 to yesterday, June 10, 2007. All thanks to Globelines Broadband’s crappy f*ck*ng services! Come to think of it, the recent disruption of my connection once more followed the repairs-they-make-are-good-for-only-two-months pattern. Yes, Globelines does provide me with fast and unlimited internet connection, but every two months, they simply screw things up!

It’s back to school on Wednesday

The new semester officially starts this coming Wednesday and though I have a relatively light academic load giving me plenty of spare time in between classes, I have a strong feeling it will be eaten up by extra-curricular activities. (My school life has been like this since highschool)

Since my student political party will be taking over the La Salle Dasmariñas‘ University Student Council this school year, keeping the party united and working in support of our student officials, as I am the Secretary-General, will greatly become a bigger task.

Aside from that, I was appointed to become a member of the University Student Council’s advocacy committee, a gargantuan task given that the committee was formed with the objective of breaking the passivity of the Lasallian students in the Dasmariñas campus.

Another thing to keep me on my toes this school year is the newly formed Vox Lasalle Debating Society which I co-founded with a few good friends of mine who believed that it’s high time Lasallians from Dasmariñas once again engage in the fine art of debate.

Organized chaos

All these plus many more to come as I expand my other more private projects such as a webzine and an anime-blog in the coming months. It appears that once more, I’ve bitten more than I could chew. Then again, things have always been like this and crazy as it may sound, I thrive and do most of the amazing things I could under stressful and dire times.

Now all that I mentioned before is just half of what I’ll be dealing with for the next 5 months or so, as I have this blog and a another one to take care of, especially my problogging gigs and an online venture project.

Am I just ranting off? No, because this is the price for being active, for being responsible, for doing things you like and love and facing the challenges you know that will improve yourself and the community you live in.

Though I’m a bit crazy, I’m not crazy enough to screw all these up. I’m currently thinking of new ways to organize my workflow so that I’ll manage all these tasks and to-dos with better results while keeping my self alive and human.

So in the following weeks, I’ll try my very best to document the things I’ll do that will hopefully help me get things done, like playing more with apps folder in my K800i, abusing my installation of activecollab, finding new tips and tricks with Gmail and Google Groups and using more and more online apps like Google Docs and Notebook.

Could this be the start of a change in my blogging? We’ll see…

3 Replies to “Struggling to organize the workflow”

  1. About the Globelines thing, have the ck checked and rechecked the wiring? My friend’s office at Makati uses Globelines and they’re just off. Ever since the Taiwan quake, it went all downhill, but they’re planning on having the wiring checked.

  2. and those pictures, Jhay, are taken using your phone's camera? why, they are clear enough!

    you seem to have a heavy load, you must come up with a good scheduling tool. good luck!

  3. @ mi:

    This problem of mine with Globelines, the every-2-months-loss-of-connection started even before the Taiwan quake. Just so frustrating!

    @ SexyMom:

    Yup, the K800i's 3.2 Megapixel camera does the job pretty well. I'm saving up on a Digital SLR or a MacBook. But it's still years away.

    It's always been a heavy load, since my highschool days. My mom always gets annoyed by this, she keeps on telling me not to be too active it's keeping me from gaining weight! 😀

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