Still waiting for Zooomr Mark III

It’s been almost a week now since Zooomr has started the transition to its Mark III version which loaded with over 250 new features. I stuck to Zooomr because it has way lots more to offer than Flickr and it’s all for free. Nothing personal against Flickr though, but Zooomr has done something that is definitely worthy of praise and patronage.

Honestly, I’m beginning to be a bit impatient but this is because of the excitement I felt ever since watching the demo video of the Zooomr Mark III.

Zooomr Mark III Launch Demo! from Kristopher on Vimeo

Sure there were plenty of dead moments and live bloopers in the clip but it offers a taste of what the new Mark III version has to offer. Deep Jive Interests has a rundown of what’s in store for us in Mark III:

  • Logins: You can now login with a proper email / password process that is familiar to everyone — in addition to openID
  • Smart Search: you can search with some unusual features like “most awesome” and “near location” (such as “near starbucks”)
  • World Through Photos: this is a feature that Kris spent a *lot* of time talking about, in that you’ll be able to use a mashup of GoogleMaps to search for place names, using their proper names. For example, hitting in “Eiffel Tower” will take you to where it is on GoogleMaps (and presumably some photos as well)
  • Discover: Best Hundred — you can discover the best one hundred photos over a given time period, whether it be over the past year, past month or what have you at a glance
  • Groups: Think Google groups, but centered around photos, allowing you to create messages and what not around specific photos.
  • You: There a lot of slick Ajax to create a rich user interface with respect to viewing your own photos and profile
  • Widgets Within Photos: Even though Kris demonstrated this, I still had a hard time understanding what he meant — perhaps that you would be able to syndicate information *within* photos through different media as widgets, such as tags, and so on. In fact …
  • People Tagging: You can tag people in photos, like what is already offered in Facebook, and then send a message to them about the photo that you took … a viral feature for photos.
  • Instantaneous search: Through the magic of Ajax, things look fast without loading times
  • Marketplace: Kris didn’t share to many details other than it will be easy, you can charge ridiculous amounts (if the market will bear it), and there’s 90% share for users
  • Comments / Messaging / Dialogue: There is a sophisticated messaging system for each photograph allowing you to have a conversation with different people underneath each photograph — it will also let the photographer know so as to include him the conversation:
  • Search by color / palette: You can add in hexadecimal colors to search for different photos
  • Portals: Creating a photographic link to another photograph on someone else’s photograph (a “portal”)
  • Zipline: You’ll be able to see at a glance, and in reverse chronological order what your friends are doing, saying, and their photos

All these features plus unlimited storage and the ability to sell your photos while keeping 90% of the sale. Of course all these, is still for free. Who could resist such an awesome service?

Let’s hope the transition period finishes real soon, I’m sure the other Zooomr users are itching to dive in create new things with their photos.

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  1. They could take another week, or another month — I don’t think it really matters as long as they deliver. On the other hand, the vaguely annoying thing, however, is that they kind of promised the transition would take 12-24 hours about a week ago.

    Yeesh. 😛


  2. That's what gets me all worked up, they said it would take only 12-24 hours but it's almost been a week already. They certainly know how to work out their users and fans. 😉

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