Stereo Neckphones by Hammcher Schlemmer

We have various models of stereo headphones yet some people complain that they loose awareness of their surroundings thanks to these devices. A new innovation intends to address this issue with a rather-ridiculously looking device.

Stereo Neckphones
Stereo Neckphones

It’s light, flexible and rests around your neck, it’s compatible with most portable music players with a standard 3.5mm plug and a generous 36″ cord. It has dual 1″ speakers that offer a frequency range of 20Hz-20,000Hz for high-quality sound and it designed to project sound up to your ears. It runs on two AA batteries giving you 15-30 hours of listening.

It may have scored higher points on being eco-friendly if it had rechargeable batteries. Hopefully it will come it different colors with a shiny finish so that it would appeal to more stylish users and look good when coupled to the sexy iPod. Though this may cause some trouble because the users would now become walking music players and annoy others around especially in elevators or buses.

It sells for $129.95 and gives you the chance to look like the merman from the movie Hellboy.

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