Star Trek Trivia: Sulu was named after Sulu Sea

Not really a Star Trek fan and most likely fanboys already know this trivia that I found very interesting and cool:

“The problem [Roddenberry] had was to find a name for this Asian character from the 23rd century because every Asian surname is nationally specific,” said Takei. “Tanaka is Japanese. Wong is Chinese. Kim is Korean. And 20th century Asia was turbulent with warfare, colonization, rebellion, and he didn’t want to suggest that.”

As Takei described, “He had a map of Asia pinned on the wall and he was staring at it trying to get some inspiration for the Asian character. And he found, off the coast of the Philippines, the Sulu Sea. And he thought, ‘Ah, the waters of the sea touch all shores, embracing all of Asia. And that’s how my character came to have the name Sulu.”

It’s from a piece on by Nick Romano about how the best-selling Sci-Fi series dealt with the issue of gays and lesbians and diversity, in general, as told by George Takei.

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