Spam TXT Messages

SPAM, or unsolicited messages, everyone using the Internet, owns a couple or more e-mail accounts, bloggers and webmasters just hate it, really hate it. That’s why a myriad of anti-spam software, measures, technologies and sheer human effort have been deployed to combat and get rid of it.

However, SPAM doesn’t only thrive as a pestilence in the cyberworld. Even the seemingly distant mobile world has already been invaded by it-well the Philippine mobile world that is.

Your in the middle of a meeting or class, your mobile phone vibrates, telling that you have just recieved a message and so you frantically dig for it inside your bag or pocket. Unlock the keypad with lightning fast reflexes and even without looking at it, feel like an eternity has passed before you could open the message. Your heart beats faster in anticipation of knowing who the sender is but all of this is thrown away shredded into pieces when all you read is the following: (just an example)

New Ring Tones available:
A1-Alphabet song
B1-Happy Birthday
C1-Halukay Spaghetti
Just enter the key code and send to 84513658461

Badtrip! Some messages even take away Php 5.00 to Php 15.00 from your load even without you doing anything save for reading the screwed up SPAM txt message. I’m sure almost all of you has had this experience, some are milder some are really wierd but most definitely all of them are really annoying and a nuisance.

Mitos Garcia who wrote a letter concerning this issue to and so Mr Garcia. you’re not alone, there are millions of others who had to put up the annoying with the task of cleaning up spam txt messages every single time it takes up space in your inbox. He cries;

I’m tired of being harassed by the promo text messages of a mobile phone company. They just keep on coming, these unsolicited, unwanted and extremely annoying messages, such as those tasteless ringtones and faces of celebrities I don’t care about.

Like him, I also called up the customers service of my mobile provider and complained about this annoying and unsolicited text messages and all I got are empty promises. I still spend some time deleting worhtless unsolicited text messages. So the war rages on, us the paying subscribers against this unfair trade practice. This entry is my small contribution to this great movement of eliminating spam not only in the web but also in the mobile world.

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