Sony Ericsson’s MH907 – world’s first “Motion Activated” headphones

I’ve been waiting for new phone offerings from Sony Ericsson now since the Christmas season is fast approaching. Its rivals have already started to roll out new models that are indeed attractive and price competitive, so Sony Ericsson must really come out with the good stuff real soon otherwise they could be in trouble again.

It seems we have to wait a little longer but in the meantime, we SE fanboys could marvel at their latest headphone offering, the MH907 which is touted as the first “motion activated” headphones in the world.
SE MH907 "motion activated" headphones

InformationWeek reports:

The MH907 utilizes a technology called “SensMe” for its motion controls, and plugging the headphones in your ear will automatically start music playback. Users can pause the music track by taking out one earbud, and taking out both will stop the playback entirely. Answering and ending calls work in a similar manner, Sony Ericsson said.

Nifty isn’t it? I wonder if Apple would follow suit and release something similar that way, its new line of iPods would become more awesome. Going back, here’s a video ad for the new MH907.

Funky music and animation right? The new MH907 retails around €39 or about Php 2 ,700 by today’s exchange rate. Either way, I’d like to view this as a sign that good things will be coming from Sony Ericsson come this Christmas season.

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