So what if Globe rolls out 4G? What we need are #betterinternet services

First in the Philippines! That’s the only thing that excites me about Globe Telecom’s recent announcement that it will be rolling out 4G mobile technology in the country this year.

While techies are marvelling at how 4G technology would now be available to the public, those who have seen the ugly side of local telco’s substandard Internet services are barely amazed. The excitement of a new technology roll out will easily wear off once most of us are slapped back into the reality that Internet services in the country simply sucks.

To be honest, I really don’t care about the new 4G technology. What I really care is getting a #betterinternet experience. A more reliable broadband Internet connection for what I pay for every month.

I’m a Internet user with simple wishes, give me a connection that will at least give me 50% of the “up to” speed that I signed up for, give me a Customer Support service that will actually work with me to solve my connection problems instead of adding to my headaches, then I’d be a happy customer and gladly fork over my hard-earned money to settle my monthly bill.

But until that day comes, until my “up to” 1Mbps Globe Broadband connection becomes stable at around 50-60% of that rated speed, any new announcement of a technology roll out from Globe would just be another marketing bull for me.

They even brag that they’ve invested $500 million US – that’s half-a-billion US dollars – in this 4G roll out, yet Globe still cannot provide me with a reliable Internet connection. They cannot even provide more capacity in our locality so that residents can sign up for their fixed line services instead of being forced to sign up for their equally unreliable wireless Internet services regardless if it’s 3/3.5G, WiMax and now 4G.

Come to think of it, so what if Globe is now rolling out 4G mobile technology? If they still cannot deliver on their part of the service agreements and cannot provide satisfactory customer support bragging about being a “first-mover” in introducing new technology would just be blowing a lot hot air.

Perhaps this is the reason why Globe has just announced the imposition of bandwidth caps a few weeks back. So that its 4G roll out would come out shiny and smelling nice but in fact, all they did was added 4G capability to their networks and increased it coverage. What they left out is adding capacity and improving the reliability of their systems.

So Globe Telecoms can gloat all they want about their 4G roll out, we customers on the other are still waiting for a more reliable Internet connection. Something we’ve been waiting and languishing on for years.

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