So what happened to the Probe interview?

Many of my friends both online and offline are still asking me when would the Probe feature about internet broadband issues in which I was interviewed for be aired?

I’d always tell them I really don’t know or maybe they were still looking for the right time to air the segment because of the sudden chain of national events that have unfolded just recently. Wednesday night after Wednesday night, I’d stay up late until past midnight just to watch the Probe hoping that finally the segment would be aired. Unfortunately it still has not.

I stopped watching the Probe on TV and instead followed their newest videos via their website. It saves time and allows me to get some much needed sleep. Still, the segment about broadband consumer woes were no where to be found.

Finally, I emailed them asking when the segment would be shown? Just a couple of days ago their answer finally came and I was left speechless. Literally.

Probe has decided not to air the segment on broadband services. The airing of the segment had been moved several times to make way for more timely political stories. After weighing the relevance of the story amid all other stories happening now, the editors decided that it was not the right time to air a segment about consumer complaints about a service that only a small part of the population subscribes to.

We thank you however for accommodating us for interviews and for responding to our requests for additional information. We hope you will continue to support Probe and extend the same courtesy to us in the future.

So what can I say?

I’m torn between being raging mad or just letting it go for they have a valid reason in shelving the segment. After all, internet problems are the least of the Filipino masses’ concerns. Then again…oh nevermind.

To the Probe, thank you very much for the opportunity, though aborted, of speaking out on an issue that may not be in the grassroots level, but an issue for the Filipino consumer nonetheless. It was an experience I’d never forget.

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  1. That sucks! Sorry to hear about that man. Although the segment wasn't aired, it's still a good experience to be interviewed by The Probe. I'm sure you'll have another chance to be interviewed or featured on TV in the near future. πŸ˜€

  2. @ Prudence: I know, but at the rate of how things are going on at the Senate, it looks like it's going be a long, long wait. πŸ˜›

    @ Jaypee: Yup, the experience was really something unique, especially when I ended up with an investigative film crew inside my bedroom! πŸ˜† The mess it was, so embarrassing.

    @ Arbet: What can we say? That's showbiz I guess. πŸ˜‰

    @ Mi: Good point there, well the least I could hope for is that the ISPs that were interviewed by the Probe had done something to address their customers' concerns, and not just the ones who went on camera to tell their not-so-good story.

  3. I've waited for this until the time I've forgotten to stay up Wednesday nights. The ZTE broadband issue had even overtaken the local telco's broadband problems. I guess this [shelving of your interview] is one situation we cannot avoid. The issue you have discussed with Probe could even be irrelevant the time the other issues die down. Either the services would be [hopefully] better, or much much worse than what state they are now.

  4. I think the reason isn't valid.

    "The editors decided that it was not the right time to air a segment about consumer complaints about a service that only a small part of the population subscribes to."

    Well maybe a small part of the population subscribes BUT those who don't subscribe rent dba? And who do they direct their complaints? To the computer shop owners of course…the computer shop owners bear the brunt of 10+ persons all complaining about his/her 'crappy computers'.


    I hope nobody 'suggested' that they shelve the segment (lahat ata nadadala sa 'pakiusap')

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