So Pluto is no longer a planet, does it really matter?

Solar SystemI’m quite sad that Pluto is no longer ‘considered’ by scientists as a planet and a regular member of the solar system. In the past 21 years of my life, I knew because I was taught that there were nine planets in our Solar system. I was fascinated by it early on. I remember nagging my mother to buy me a chart of the solar system when I was in 3rd grade, afterwards, I nagged my grandfather to buy me that hanging model of the solar system I saw in a school fieldtrip once.

I got the paper chart, but I never recieved the hanging model, instead I was given a big and colorful visual DK Guide to Space. I loved it just the same. During that time, the cool science show ‘Beakman’s World’ was still airing on RPN 9 and I was an avid viewer. It was from this show I learned a neat mnemonic code or acronym for easy remembrance of the correct order (until recently) and names of the nine (minus one) planets of our solar system.

My = Mercury
Very = Venus
Eager = Earth
Mother = Mars
Just = Jupiter
Served = Saturn
Us = Uranus
Nine = Neptune
Pizzas = Pluto

Since now Pluto is no longer ‘considered’ a regular planet, I guess we won’t be having pizzas anymore huh? 😉

To be honest though, aside from the inconvenience of formulating a new mnemonic code for remembering the names of the planets in our solar system, the now necessary updating of related books and literature throughout the world and the continuing public and scientific debates about Pluto’s demotion to a ‘dwarf planet’; I’ve been asking my self “Does it really matter’?

I mean sure, I do not question the authority of the International Astronomical Union that demoted Pluto, after all, we are still the only intelligent lifeform that we know of that does bother with naming and organizing the cosmos for now, but does it really affects me as an idividual? I mean with Pluto no longer a regular planet, do I have to change something about my lifestyle of least my everyday routines? I think not, do you?

I told my friend of this little question of mine and he told me that it was unlike me, it was unscientific for me as a Bio student and a science geek to ask this question. Am I wrong? I asked him the same question, “Will Pluto’s demotion affect your life?” He just stood still and shrugged his shoulders. For once, I’m not trying to be a geek, I’m just being practical.

Just the same, some one please tell me if I’m wrong to think like this and ask such questions.

Still being practical, I think the ones who would be most affected by Pluto’s demotion, aside from the very concerned scientists, would be the astrologers, tarrot card readers and fortune tellers and those who write the daily horoscopes. Kawawa naman yung mga may star signs na kaakibat ng Pluto. 😉

Image by Ernst Vikne

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  1. me & my husband(a physicist) were making fun of this article yesterday.che, you know what? they demoted poor pluto,lol he added, imagine a bunch of scientists voting to disqualified pluto as a planet ‘sorry pluto you’re not performing enough to be a planet So we’re demoting you from planet to comet nyahahaha

  2. @ cheH: hehehe, i get you. I imagine it like ‘American Idol’ or something. The votes are cast and sorry, Pluto doesn’t make the cut. lolz

    @ cyberpunk: I was saddened that Pluto was demoted. I see no sense in the move. It does have a moon does it? So why call it a ‘dwarf planet’ instead of a full planet? Imagine if some intelligent lifeforms were actually residing in Pluto, what would they think once they heard of this news?

    Declare war? Or file an inter-system protest? hehehe

    @ Jam: Actually, I haven’t seen this item in the local news yet. Just found out about it in BCC and the National Geo website. The IAU apparently changed the criteria for a space body to qualify as a planet. They incraesed the mass and some rules with its orbit. In which case Pluto failed to comply, especially since its unique orbit around the sun crosses the orbit of Neptune.

    Still, with me being practical aside, I see no sense in demoting Pluto.

  3. 😆 i feel silly because this reply is quite late but i feel like i should say something.. 😛 hope you dont mind. ^^

    miss cheH :: the authorities, IAU, did not demote Pluto to being a comet… rather, they reclassified Pluto as a Dwarf Planet. ^^ big difference there.

    jam :: Pluto is no longer a planet because by the new definition c/o the IAU people, it isn't one anymore. for a heavenly body to be called a planet it has to satisfy the following criteria ::

    1) celestial body that is in orbit around the sun

    2) has sufficient mass for its self-gravity to overcome rigid body forces so that it assumes a hydrostatic equilibrium (nearly round) shape

    3) has cleared the neighborhood around its orbit. ** pluto failed to satisfy this one.

    lastly, to the author, Jhay, i don't think we should feel sad about Pluto not being a planet anymore.. heck, i dont think we should see it as something as demeaning as a demotion. ^^ sure it doesnt exactly affect our lives as we know it but i actually think that this change is something we should celebrate… think about it this way, long ago, people firmly believed that the world is flat and that it is the center of the whole universe. if it weren't for people like magellan and columbus and copernicus we would *still* believe in such things…

    we shouldnt feel sad and discouraged over this change because i think changes like these in the scientific community signify that we humans still *think* and work to better understand the things that are around us.

    😉 hope i havent offended anyone… ^^ good day~

  4. I think that Pluto is still a planet because God is the one that made the planets and the moons. So i really do not care what u all say about Pluto because it is still a planet no matter what.

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