So I’m a B-lister, cool!

B-List BloggerFirst found this via Sir Abe’s blog, then saw this on Ade’s Friendster blog, I figured what the heck might as well give it a try.

So it says this blog belongs the B-list category, what does it mean?

The High Authority Group [B-List Bloggers]

(100-499 blogs linking in the last 6 months)
The third group represents a decided shift in blog age while not blogging much more frequently than the last. In keeping with the theme of the maturation of the blogosphere, it seems evident that many of these bloggers were previously in category two and have grown in authority organically over time. In other words, sheer dedication pays off over time.

So it’s another clever interpretation of how Technorati sees your blog. Wonder what would the Web 2.0 version of Technorati would be like? How will it rank this blog? Still, it’s very creative and would appeal to almost everyone. Heck, I’m quite happy with the rating it gave this blog.

Hope my sponsors will consider this when they evaluate the things I’ve done with this free domain and continue to keep it open for free. šŸ˜€ There’s still six months to go, plenty of time to improve this blog, its content, design and meet more blogging friends!

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