SMART Unveils T.G.I.Freeday

The cat is out of the bag, so to speak as SMART has finally ended the weeks of speculation caused by their wildly bewildered smiley ads we’ve been spotting all over Facebook and blogs.

SMART 18 and Up promo

Since the day that ad came out, SMART has been giving out clues to up the ante through their Facebook page.

July16: “Guys and girls, something BIG and FREE is coming your way. Pero *secret* muna. 18 and up lang po ;)”

July 16: Link to Mobile Internet How-to

July 19: HAPPY MONDAY EVERYONE! Marami ang nagtatanong kung bakit SECRET ang “BIG and FREE”? Don’t worry, we’ll be giving clues!

July 21: It’s Wednesday HUMP DAY! And you know what that means right? Malapit na ang Friday! 😀 [the heck?? HUMP day??!? no i don’t know what that is!!]

July 22: Some caller ringback ad

July 23: “Here’s the 1st clue about what’s up next Friday, July 30: It’s not a new endorser ;)”

July 25: “In case you haven’t heard, did you know you can win up to P5Million weekly with TST? ^__^ Check it out now! 😀 TST promo on Facebook

July 26: “Good morning! Here’s Clue#2: d~ xIA JeJEMON~ p0wH. In fact, “SOCIAL” ito!”

July 26: “Its the end of another Monday, and time for Clue #3: It’s not TST (Tutok Sabay Text). You guys already heard about that :)”

July 26: “We’re beating the gloomy Tuesday morning with Clue # 4 about something “big and free” this July 30: It will make your Friday fun, wherever you are! :D”

July 27: Something about their TST promo again

All these clues had people guessing as to what SMART was up to. Could it mean free credits, an iPhone giveway, some grand party? Plus the “18 and Up” made things a bit more complicated as speculations soon led to something that would need some discretion.

Alas, all of this had been put to rest as SMART has just unveiled their newest promo:




(with clarifications from SMART)

What does T.G.I.Free-day mean? Free mobile Internet on Fridays this Friday only, July 30, 2010. Smart will let their subscribers “tweet, poke, post, plurk, surf, google, yahoo, uzzap, gomail, B.B.M., and more!” to their heart’s content for FREE every Friday the whole 24 hours of this Friday only. There’s not even a need to hunt for the elusive hotspots to go online using our phones. All Smart subscribers with decent connection in their area (be it on a beachfront, an office basement, a school rooftop, wherever) can access Facebook and Twitter etc to their heart’s desires, every Friday, even without a laptop or computer..!!! Just the mobile phone. Prepaid or not. How awesome is that?

In availing of this Free mobile Internet on Fridays this Friday only, July 30, 2010, the following must be kept in mind:

  • You need at least one peso maintaining balance if you’re a Prepaid subscriber
  • Weekly and monthly packages can still be purchased during T.G.I.Free-day but will not have extra days of validity
  • Availment of daily packages will not be allowed on T.G.I.Free-day. Best experienced with 3G, HSPA, HSDPA network.

Of course, if you have more questions, you can read more details here.

Now I’m sure SMART users would celebrate with this great new offer, heck, it might even entice others to switch over from their current networks.

One last thing though, that “18 and Up” is still raising some questions. Could it mean SMART has something else up its sleeve?

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