SMART is up to something Big, Free for 18+ only?

Aside from being old enough to become a father, the other thing that I’m happy about being above 18 years old is the freedom to enjoy my full legal rights: buy liquor, p0rn, watch movies rated 18 and above and vote.

Aside from those, it also makes me eligible for certain promos, events and whatnots that companies reserve for those in the age of majority, like what SMART is scheming to do.

Saw this Facebook page of theirs and I’m telling you, they’re up to something:

They say that they’re cooking up something BIG and FREE, but for those aged 18 years and above. What the heck could it be?

Most of those who commented on the FB page suspect they’re going to open an adult wapsite. Or they could be giving away tons of free beer? Or they’re going to launch a mobile social networking site for 18 and above only because you can practically do anything on it, post your deep dark secrets, the photos or videos you’d wish were never taken or buy and sell stuff. Your guess is as good as mine.

For now it’s a big secret. I suggest keeping an eye on that Facebook page as it will be the place where they’d spill it all out.

3 Replies to “SMART is up to something Big, Free for 18+ only?”

  1. good thing i am above 18 i can join this promo! i am intrigued with this BIG and FREE from Smart. too bad i still have to wait until the excited!

  2. can anyone tell what this is?? it seems that everyone has a different theory as to what this is all about.. i hope smart reveals this soon because i'm getting impatient to find out!

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