Smart Bro Prepaid or Globe Visibility?

by jhay on June 2, 2008

The new school year will officially start for us Lasallians in Cavite next week so I’m starting to prepare myself for a productive school year or the first semester to say the least.

My class schedule this 1st semester is one of my lightest ever! With my classes ending a few hours before lunch time leaving me with over 6 hours of free time at school. However, that free time would easily be eaten up by my extra-curricular and off-campus work, engagements and advocacies. Managing all these would be done with my new Four-eyed notebook.

And for me to really get things done, I need a mobile internet connection to do my research, keep in touch with contacts and of course blog like I’ve never blogged before.

SmartBroEven before I actually bought my new notebook, I was already contemplating on which mobile internet connection service I would use: my 3G enabled Sony Ericsson K800i (either with Smart or Globe), SmartBro Prepaid or Globe Visibility. The paid Wi-Fi services that DLSU-D offers wasn’t included in my list because even though it would the most convenient way, it came at the price of having limited internet access because of the university’s firewall and content filtering system. The weird case in which my Gmail-powered domain-based email was blocked was more than enough to make sure of this.

Using my K800i as a modem is out of the question because I don’t want my surfing sessions to be interrupted by calls and I use it to keep some notes, take photos on the go and record meetings. Plus, grime, dust and fungi(?) have begun to grow on my phone’s port making it

Now I’m left with two options: SmartBro Prepaid or Globe Visibility?

SmartBro Prepaid is my strongest contender since around here in Dasmarinas (where I go to school hence spend 80% of my waking time) and my hometown of Silang, Cavite, SmartBro has been getting good reviews from my neighbors and friends who use the service. Well most of them. Plus the fact that it is a prepaid service means I only pay whenever I access the net which will help keep my expenses more manageable. Hopefully.

Here are the rates and time allocations for Smart Bro Prepaid:

SmartBro Rates

Globe VisibilityOn the other hand, I still consider signing up for Globe Visibility since I am already a Globe Broadband subscriber and that it will entitle me to some discounts for Globe Visibility plus the convenience of having a single bill to horrify me every month.

Sir Abe has a breakdown of the new rates and hour allocations of each Globe Visibility Plan:

GV Plan 799
Php 799 per month (MSF)
Php1,000 one-time setup fee
40 hours free surfing time (effective rate Php20/hour)
Php0.50 per minute excess hours (effective Php30/hour)
2 hours/month Free WiFi on all WiZ hotspots

GV Plan 999
Php 999 per month (MSF)
Php1,000 one-time setup fee
60 hours free surfing time (effective rate Php16.65/hour)
Php0.50 per minute excess hours (effective Php30/hour)
3 hours/month Free WiFi on all WiZ hotspots

GV Plan 1,499
Php 1,499 per month (MSF)
Php1,000 one-time setup fee
100 hours free surfing time (effective rate Php20/hour)
Php0.50 per minute excess hours (effective Php15/hour)

So which one should I go for? Any advice on this one would be hot. :mrgreen:

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