Slow internet speeds for most of April

The last time there was a major slow down of internet speed in the country was back in December of 2006 when an earthquake that struck off the coast of Taiwan damaged major undersea cables that provide connectivity to the country.

With incidents like these, even the biggest ISPs like PLDT and Globe were at the mercy of international groups that maintain the undersea cable connections’ ability to repair the damage.

The recent damage hit the undersea cables lying in areas between Taiwan and Japan, and China and Korea. Latest reports say that repairs are expected to be completed by around mid-April. Hopefully.

On the other hand, this recent incident is actually less worse compared to the 2006 incident. Back then, connections were literally lost. For weeks, DSL modems were not able to sync with ISPs and those that were able to, had practically useless connections. The current slowdown, is just that, a major slowdown instead of a general loss of connectivity.

With this, the regional consortium that maintain these undersea cables deserves some credit for they have learned the lessons of 2006 – they added new lines and systems to mitigate the ill-effects of cable damage.

These recent slowdown is surely a major inconvenience, but it’s much better than having a total loss of connectivity. So for now, we all just have to deal with it.

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