Site updates: I’m on a new webhost, woot!

With the extended suspension of classes over the weekend, I thought I’d be able to bloghop like there’s no tomorrow and finish some posts in my ever so-growing drafts list. Boy I was wrong.

In the past 6 days my energies and bandwidth have been diverted not on this blog, but on the other sites that are now under my watch. I’ll get back to that later because despite that, I’ve been able to do something for this blog that I’ve been meaning to do since last year, and that is to migrate to a different webhost.

Say what?!

Yup, everyone knows (Okay, disclosure part) that this domain of mine comes bundled with a webhosting account from Enthropia and respectively. Both are for free so big big props go out to Enthropia, Inc. Well not anymore, ever since last Wednesday, August 15, I moved over to a new webhosting account by Meaning that the only free goodie I could keep is my domain while the webhosting will now be shouldered by yours truly.

Why move?

First of all, I want to thank the great guys at especially to Sir Yuga who has always been for us bloggers ever since we got our free domains way back in 2006. They helped us migrate our blogs from the original servers and create the new ones, and they’ve always looked out for us everytime we needed help especially during those days when our sites went down due to some server issues.

It’s those downtimes right? Well mainly, but I don’t take it against too much, they are after all one of the best local hosting companies in the country, and downtimes do happen. At first, I was ticked off at the frequent downtimes we bloggers had last year. It was very crucial for us, because we had to grow the sites into successful ones within a year as it is our part of the sponsorship deal with Enthropia. So everytime our sites go down (we were all hosted on a single server), traffic stops, revenues (if there were any at that time) freeze, site rankings get hurt as well. On top of that, the lost opportunities and readers who had the wrong impression that our sites were hosted on an unreliable webhost.

But that was not really the case, because as revealed by investigations of the Ploghost team, one of the accounts whom we shared the servers with was hacked and that effin’ hacker placed a script on the server that made things go berserk during the night. It was maddening really. Thankfully we recovered and since then we had little to no downtimes at all.

So why did you really move?

So it wasn’t really an issue of reliability because these hickups do come once in a while, I moved because I figured that what came bundled with my free domain was not enough to suit my growing needs and future plans.

It wasn’t that this blog was hogging up all 150MB of webspace and that 4GB of monthly bandwidth on a regular basis, it’s not all that. (Though last March, I had to purchase additional 4GB of bandwidth because of a massive and sustained traffic spike due to the promotional interview I did for the Philippine Blog Awards, which was then cut short by crappy Globelines connection, oh well.) What I had in the drawing boards, needed more than just plenty of webspace and bandwidth, it needed at the present, PHP5 and other features, that sadly, Ploghost could not provide at the moment or at least on the price levels a meager blogger like me could afford, since such upgrades would go beyond Enthropia’s sponsorhip.

With 3-4 new blogs on my mid to long-term plans, I needed a new webhost that would cater to the needs of those plans plus a few extras. So by then, my mind was settled and I’d go for a foreign webhost.

The curse having no credit card

There were a lot of choices to choose from, and listening to the bloggers I look up to and based on what I’ve been reading so far, my choices back then were Dreamhost, A Small Orange and BlueFur. I was choosing between Dreamhost or A Small Orange because they were offering packages that’s more than what I need and at prices far cheaper than the equivalents offered by local webhosts.

bannerHowever, things grinded to a halt when a fact returned to my mind; I have no credit card of my own. How the heck would I be able to pay for this foreign hosting?! But like always, J Angelo Racoma, the good and wise blogging-mentor that he is to me, saved the day and suggested that I try out which is part of the uber-cool blogging empire, I mean network SplashPress Media, which he was a part of.

He was even so kind and generous enough to facilitate my payments for Colorteck’s webhosting. The deal was so sweet I signed up for and has moved to their servers since last Wednesday.

The deal was so sweet, for $9.95 per month (rougly Php600) I got their WebMaster plan with 25GB of webspace, 350GB of monthly bandwidth, powered by both PHP 4 and PHP5, MySQL 5 and many other latest server technologies. It also has Ruby on Rails, it can host unlimited email accounts, subdomains, addon domains; it’s just beautiful. Plus their 24/7 Customer support has been living up to their promises of good quality support so far. I get replies to my questions within the next 24 hours of posting them.

So when my domain was repointed to Colorteck’s servers, I stayed up all night last Wednesday making backups, creating new databases and customizing new themes as I moved this blog into its new home at The feat wasn’t as smooth as the first time I migrated blogs and I’ll tell you the story plus all the lessons I’ve learned from it on my next post.

For now, do enjoy The Four-eyed Journal on its new home, ready to expand and grow like never before.

8 Replies to “Site updates: I’m on a new webhost, woot!”

  1. Jhay, congratulations on your successful change of webhosts! I'm also planning on changing webhosts, and I am checking out colorteck if it could suit my needs.

    BTW, mahirap bang maglipat ng domain name? Matatagalan ba yun?


  2. Congratulations on the successful move, Jhay! I'm not exactly into paying for hosting on a monthly basis (coz I always forget, grr), but yeah, you got a sweet deal. I'd love to have that Ruby on Rails feature! Envy!

  3. @ Karlo.PinoyBlogero: Salamat! I strongly recommend Colorteck, :mrgreen: solid talaga ang kanilang customer support.

    Ibig mong sabihin same domain name (url) pero change lang ng name servers? Madali lang, sa experience ko, mga walang 1 oras updated na ang domain name ko.

    @ Shari: I chose to pay monthly so as not to forget the payment and to make it lighter on my pocket. 😛

    Ruby on Rails is nifty, I just need time to study about it, or I'll hook up with a friend who really knows about it. Either way, Ruby on Rails is on my long-term plans.

  4. Congrats on your new home on the web! It’s really different when you have your own hosting. Free is nice but you can’t complain when things go wrong. That’s what I experienced before and that’s what made get paid hosting. 😀

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