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Migraine’s gone but work continues to pile up; both school-related and not-school-related. No time to waste, even though my bed has been harping on me ever since I got back from school. During times like this, I recall a friend of mine saying something about me and the things I do;

“So young yet so busy. I wonder if you ever have time for yourself and to be yourself.”

A slap of truth? Yes, but in a way that is not depressing and discouraging just tiring. When you’re tired though, you can always take a quick rest, a cat nap perhaps. Of course I still have time to do things for myself, but I’ve always thrived on doing things with other people and for other people. Altruism or plain stupidity? I really don’t bother anymore. We do make our own realities and definitions and as far as I’m concerned, the realities that I do and the way I do them are meant to have new realities that will serve not only myself, not only others but both.

You may be wondering if it’s really me, Jhay who’s writing this post. I can tell that by up to now, this post has been a sort of rantology isn’t it? Partly yes and partly no. To be honest I’m just writing as the words and ideas come to mind. Sort of a free writing spree, but for the real deal because as soon as this orgy of a braingasm ends I’m hitting the publish button.

Going back to what my friend said earlier, one of the things I’m busy with or have been busy with for the past 6 years is Sining Bayan. What is Sining Bayan? Head on to for Karla Maquiling has given us the honor of gracing PinoyCentric’s pages and telling the world how A Theater Group in Silang is Born. This is just awesome! Many many thanks to Karla and PinoyCentric founder Armand Frasco for giving our group this opportunity to be known a little more via the world wide web.

If you have more questions about Sining Bayan, you could either leave a question over at our story in PinoyCentric or you could leave one in the comments thread below or shoot me an e-mail via the contact page.

This is it for this totally random, semi-self-centered, slightly confusing post. Regular programming would resume tomorrow or once the migraine has subsided 101% from my brain.

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