Signing up for Google Drive

Alright, bear with me. It’s been more than a month since my last update on this blog it feels like I’ve forgotten how to go about this whole exercise.

Moving on to the topic, the internet is abuzz with the news that Google will launch its much-awaited and might-be-too-late cloud storage service, Google Drive next week. Google fans say it with me, Yay!

I’ll tell you honestly that once it is open for sign-up, I’d sign-up right away. For a Google fan like myself, it is the logical move. I use Gmail, Calendar and Docs, but up until next week, I’ve wandered between non-Google online storage services like, Ubuntu One and my least favorite, DropBox.

And it seems that the universe has conspired with Google to make this decision for me because hopefully, next week too, I’d be back to using an Android phone. Coincidence? I call it destiny.

Google Drive’s 5GB of free storage is more than enough for me and since it’s tied up with other Google services, the mess that is my digital files would be put into order. Finally!

While some privacy issues have already popped up, I am confident that a Google Drive will see a healthy wave of sign-ups once it opens next week.

How about you? Would you sign up for Google Drive and dump your current cloud storage service?

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