Short-of-expectation iPhone 4s and Samsung Galaxy Nexus leads to hopeful 2012

When it was first announced that Google has partnered with Samsung to make the Galaxy Nexus which is the flagship phone to carry Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, anticipation among Android fans grew as Apple fans salivated for the next iPhone.

It turned out that there was no iPhone 5 just the iPhone 4s. So we all thought that it was a good opportunity for Google to score with the Galaxy Nexus or so we thought?

Gizmodo has come out with a review of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus which said that it’s the best Android phone to date simply because of the raw Ice Cream Sandwich on which it runs. No questions there as Android 4.0 has been received well by critics and tech pundits.

However, one cannot ignore the Galaxy Nexus’ shortcomings, Gizmodo points out:

the worst thing about this phone: The camera, the camera, the camera! Sweet Jesus Diaz, what were they thinking? When I heard they’d gone with a 5MP sensor instead of the now-standard-on-high-end-phones 8MP sensor, I promised I’d reserve judgement until I’d tried it. The camera does pretty okay in bright daylight, but it doesn’t come anywhere near its competition, plain and simple. Colors are washed out, low-light shooting is a noise-fest, and it’s not nearly as sharp. Why would you totally revamp your camera software, make it fast and awesome, include time-lapse, panorama, and really fun face-morphing video features, and then put a piece of crap camera in there? It’s utterly baffling.

Other deal breakers are the lack of an SD card for extra storage, the lack of a dedicated camera button and the cold hard fact that it is easily outperformed by the Samsung Galazy S II which is an older-generation phone.

With both Apple and Google falling short of expectations with their new ‘flagship’ phones, 2012 will be exciting as other phone manufacturers will try to fill in the void with their new handset offerings running on Android 4.0

But with the Christmas shopping season soon to pick up with stores offering current generation Android phones on great deals, it’s hard to resist waiting for another 6 months for great phone running the latest version of Android.

Image by laihiu

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