Shifting the topic of this blog and creating a new one

The 1st semester, for what’s left of it, of this this school year is almost over and it has certainly been a very interesting one. I’ve spent more and more of my time offline in giving my self to my engagements and commitments in the University. Oh and classes of course!

A survey of the past month’s sporadic posts is evidence of this major yet subtle shift in my daily routine, interests and pre-occupations. Though I’m still the tech-loving geek, I’ve been able to blog more about my current college life than the latest gadgets, apps and other techie what-haves out there. I had little worries though because other bloggers have covered this topic pretty damn good and I suppose you’re already a subscriber to their feed or a follower in Twitter.

Occassionally, I was still able to blog about politics and commentary but compared to my previous posts in my early blogging years, it’s obvious I’ve yet to recover my real mojo as an online pundit. But I’m positive that I’m well on my way.

So after some soul-searching and archive scanning, it’s become clear to me that a new shift in my blogging life has once more started. A new chapter so to speak. Henceforth, the posts and content on this blog will become more and more of that, college life, social commentary, a few occasional anime related stuff, but basically, The Four-eyed Journal is moving towards a more personal blogging + social commentary mode.

There would still be the traditional tech or science-related content because in my experience both have been a wonderful adn integral part of the social sciences and college life. I’d be taling more about this in the coming posts. There’s even a big possibilty that I’d post a vidcast because for some strange reason, I’ve been able to express my self much easier through talking than writing. However it turns out, I’m sure it’s going to be fun and exciting. Not to mention nerve-wracking if you’d ask me.

Also, watch out for a new blog of mine in the coming weeks. It’s been in the back burner for some months now and I’ve felt that the time has come for it to come out and face the world. It’s supposed to be a whole new category/section here but I figured that making a separate blog for it would be more liberating, fun and not to mention rewarding, financially included. So watch out for that my dear friends and readers. I hope that you’d stick around for the new and exciting times to come.

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