Shampoo ingredient bad for brain development

by jhay on August 4, 2006

dandruff shampooFirst of all, there is no need to panic at this point in time because what you are about to read is about a reasearch study that is not yet final and conclusive and calls for further studies and research. I’m sure though that it will give you second thoughts the next time you will take your bath or just wash your hair.

A story from Science Daily is about a study that shows “Ingredient Commonly Found In Shampoos May Inhibit Brain Development

An ingredient found in many shampoos and other personal care products appears to interfere with normal brain development in baby mice when applied to the skin of pregnant mice, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill researchers have discovered.

When Diethanolamine (DEA) was applied to the skin of pregnant mice, the fetuses showed inhibited cell growth and increased cell death in an area of the brain responsible for memory – the hippocampus.

Previous research on DEA has focused on its potential as a carcinogen. The current study is the first exploration of the compound’s affect on brain development.

Interesting and quite scary isn’t it? Most of the shampoos we use everyday contains a substance that retards brain development in fetuses. Well, for one thing we boys are safe since we do not get pregnant but once I get married and start to plan on having kids, I’d be worried. Wouldn’t you?

As I’ve said earlier, at this point in time you shouldn’t be. This is just a preliminary study and more studies must be done to arrive at something more conclusive and concrete. Still, limiting your exposure or use of shampoo should do some good until more is known about DEA and its effects on us humans. The report goes;

The dose of DEA a person might get from shampooing is at least 10 times lower than the dose found to interfere with brain development in the study, Zeisel said.

Whether the amounts most people absorb from personal care products would cause harm remains unclear. Zeisel and colleagues are now doing further work to find out the lowest dose that causes an effect in mice, a process that could take about a year, he said.

I remember the advice given to me back in highschool by the school nurse. She said that daily use of shampoo should be stopped. Instead, use shampoo once every other day and when using shampoo, put some water on it before applying it on your hair to dilute a little. Too much shampoo get rids of the natural oil that our scalp produces which is good for our hair. For those who couldn’t go through a day without shampooing their hair, use a conditioner instead.

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