Setup Globe Broadband with D-Link DIR-300 Wireless G Router

I’ve been getting a lot of queries on how I setup my Globe Broadband connection to power my simple home wireless network.

Well, I’ll share how I did it today.

First off, some reminders and warnings of sorts. I’m not a computer networking professional nor have I received any formal training in setting up computer networks. What I’m going to share here is based on my first-hand experiences in working with computers and routers backed by trial-and-error methods, research from the web and self-teachings.

Now that’s clear, I’ll go right into the meat of this post by using this photo I’ve prepared for this occasion.


It’s that simple. Here are the steps:

  1. Place the router in an open and central location. Do not plug the power adapter into the router.
  2. Turn the power off on your modem. If there is no on/off switch, then unplug the modem’s power adapter. Shut down your computer.
  3. Unplug the Ethernet cable (that connects your computer to your modem) from your computer and place it into the WAN port on the router.
  4. Plug an Ethernet cable into one of the four LAN ports on the router. Plug the other end into the Ethernet port on your computer.
  5. Turn on or plug in your modem. Wait for the modem to boot (about 30 seconds).
  6. Plug the power adapter to the router and connect to an outlet or power strip. Wait about 30 seconds for the router to boot.
  7. Turn on your computer.
  8. Verify the link lights on the router. The power light, WAN light, and the LAN light (the port that your computer is plugged into) should be lit. If not, make sure your computer, modem, and router are powered on and verify the cable connections are correct.

Now here’s how I configured my home Wi-Fi:

  1. Open a web browser, I used Firefox when I first configured the home Wi-Fi.
  2. Type in into the address bar.
  3. Type in admin as username and leave the password field blank. (I’ve changed these default settings to my own so as to increase my network’s security.)
  4. Used the Internet Connection Setup Wizard and after all the steps, my home Wi-Fi is up, secured and providing internet access throughout our entire house and compound.

The D-Link DIR-300 Wireless G router has been in service in my house for almost a year now and so far, it has been performing superbly well. It may not be the leading model in its line but it sure provides a solid value for the money I spent on it, which is not that much as compared to other wireless routers.

It’s ease of use, setup and configuration has made setting up a home Wi-Fi network as easy as plugging in a flash drive to your pc or laptop. The only problems I have with it is when my internet connection becomes intermittent every once in a while, but then that’s Globe’s fault!

Anyone else using the D-Link DIR-300 wireless router? How about similar routers? How was your experience in setting up your home Wi-Fi network?

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  1. Mine was with a linksys wrt54gc wireless router connected to smartbro. It was also my first time setting up wireless network then (though I had some experience with wired, but using hubs). It was a breeze, just connected the smartbro to WAN port and desktop to one of the LAN ports, set the router to received DHCP,, alas! I'm connected, same with Globe wireless Broadband.

    As I can see on your setup, the modem provided by Globe is already a router, you could also just connect the Dlink on one of the LAN port from the modem to a LAN port on the Dlink and just set it up as an access point. And the desktop on the LAN port of the modem. But that might complicate things.

    Nice how to btw.

    1. Yeah, I tried that setup a month or two ago, but it complicated things with port forwarding and sharing a printer and network drive between my laptop and the desktop.

      Though I might try again and really spend a day or two to set it that way and iron out all the bugs. Then again, finding a free day or two in my schedule has been next to impossible nowadays. πŸ˜‰

  2. i used to have dlink dir-300 and I find it very simple to configure than any other wireless router but unfortunately I experience a few lag time within the router and so I changed it to Linksys wrh-54g.

  3. Hi!

    I've set it up and it's working but i wanted to make this a secure connection i.e. outsiders can't use this with a password. Right now, it's free for all! LOL

    Please help me ASAP.


    1. First, do you also use the D-Link DIR-300 Wireless G router? Follow the second set of instructions and use the Internet Connection Setup Wizard, this would let you setup a secure password for limiting access to your Wi-Fi network.

      Hope that helps!

  4. Nice tutorial. Unfortunately, I'm not using a NetGear router right now not D-Link. But anyways, I'll keep this bookmarked in case I might need it one of these days. πŸ˜€

    Btw, my NetGear router is similar to what you have, its also a wireless G router. Setting it up was very easy, took me less than 10 minutes.

  5. I'm currently using DIR-615 as our main router and DIR-300 as the 2nd one.

    so far okay ang 615. but the 300, I had flashed its firmware to ddwrt because of the frequent disconnections esp. when using BitTorrent.

  6. pls.. help me how can i known my username and password it always incorrect all the time can i known the site of d link 300 to know my username & password? so i can change the name & password.

    1. Did you change the admin username and password on the router? The default username is admin and just leave the password field blank.

      If you need more help, just contact the store where you bought your router and they would be the best to help you.

  7. i just do the admin but it always say your username & password is incorrect. .i guess i just ask the store where i buy the router i use?

  8. hi guys. i have the dir-300 model as well but i find some problems with my connection from time to time. it's quite intermittent. im sure it's not the isp because when i connect directly to the modem i dont have the same problem. im using pldt for my dsl btw. no uid/pwd required for their connection

    i tried to play with the settings but cant seem to turn off the nat without having problems with lan connections -getting limited or no connectivity. so my only option is to leave the nat on, setup for dynamic dhcp, and play with port forwarding and firewall access rules

    tried to force open http and other ports but internet still is intermittent surf; i noticed seoulbox changed the firmware; were you experiencing the same problem as mine? if so, does changing the firmware to that one you used fix it?

    as a side note, when playing online games i dont seem to get disconnected but when surfing i often get page cant be displayed errors; had to refresh the page a number of times to successfully get the page loaded. sometimes parts of the webpage shows pcbd as well

    windows firewall off; avg 8.0 free for my antivirus

    1. Seems like we're having the same problems with the dir-300. As of now, I really don't know what's the cause of this problem because on my observation, this problem started to show up last December 2008, almost a year after I bought the dir-300. I was thinking perhaps the router was nearing its optimal operating lifespan, albeit, a little too early?

      I'll try to browse around user forums in order to get more info and a possible fix to this problem.

  9. Hi all,

    I am using DIR 300. it is gud but its coverage is less. also i use 2 PCs and my cell with wifi. when i use WPA security or WEP, my cell phone disconnects very frequently. Anyone of u can tell what might be problem or settings???? directly mail me at muz_15 (at) hotmail. com.

    Also, DIR 300 has 4 ports for LAN, I want to fix 250 kbps (out of 1mbps link) for a single port. Is it possible???? Kindly reply for any solution that might work.




    1. I've had the same problem when I try to connect my mobile phones with the DIR-300 Wifi router: I get disconnected all the time.

      Any fix on this issue?

  10. my ubuntu laptop cannot connect to dir-300 wireless accesspoint. but it can connect using the wired setup. anyone who knows how to make the wireless setup working? pls help.

  11. Hi guys! stumbled upon this year old posts… need help sana for the DIR300…

    My boss gave me this DIR-300 router and asked me to set up wifi on our office… problem is our current connection which has a static IP address streams audio to our web hosting team which picks it up via the static IP and streams it as live audio… (sort of an internet radio).

    when i have the modem connected straight to the PC with the Static IP and all other things (DG, DNS, etc.) configured correctly… it works fine.

    My problem is when i connect the D-Link DIR300, It takes on the Static IP that i use for the Broadcasting PC. The Broadcasting PC now gets it's IP automatically ( this is where my problem starts… our hosting team cannot pick up the audio stream that i'm broadcasting since it looks at the static IP address, which is now used by the DIR-300.

    I'm guessing the problem would be somewhere in the NAT part… which i'm not really familiar with. Tried port forwarding… but wasn't successful. any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks!

  12. sir i have a netgear router and a globe wireless broadband,can you help me configure it..cause when i connect the cable from the broadband to router nothing connection!!!

    1. I'm sorry jayzee, but I'm not familiar nor experienced with NetGear routers. I suggest you visit other online forums that specialize in troubleshooting routers or better still, contact Globe's Customer Services.

      The best of luck!

      1. ahhh ok…but thanks for your the way i already configure my router yesterday…now i have wifi!!! xD

  13. Hi guys ..

    I've lost the CD-ROM .. do y think I can find setup for this router on the internet .. ?!!

    thank u .. =)

  14. sir pwede po magtanong….ginawa ko po ung nasa instruction niyo…nakalagay nman pag kinakabit q okay nmn xa kaso ung acess niya local lang…meron po ba ko mali ginawa? wireless g router po ung gamit q..thanks in advance

  15. People who has wireless DIR-300

    one suggestion from me:

    do not foget to select the connection mode type to be always (if you have dynamic PPPoE connection).

    Go to Setup wizard and select the manual internet connection you will see at the bottom this option.

  16. I forgot my username and password. Do I have to reset my DIR 300 router and install it again so that I can make new username and password again?

    Should I reset it while it's on and connected?


    1. Yes, if you have completely forgotten about your username and password, a hard reset would fix it. Write down your username and password and keep it somewhere safe just in case this happens again.

        1. What do you mean by re-install the router?

          After resetting the router, use an RJ-45 cable connected to LAN port, not the WAN port, on the router and connect it to your PC. You could then configure the router using the default access page, username and password.

          1. re-install like I have to use the set up CD to set up the router again..

            So you're telling me that I just have to leave the all cables in their corresponding ports and just press the reset button and go to the website to change the username and password?

            Thanks a lot..

          2. 1) Disconnect your WiFi router from your modem and your PC.

            2) Reset your WiFi router then turn it off for 30 seconds.

            3) Turn on your WiFi router then connect it to your PC via a LAN port.

            4) Navigate to the configuration page of the WiFi router using the default address, username and password.

            If you're on Windows Vista, there's no need to use the set up CD again since the WiFi router is a plugin-and-play device.

  17. Hi there. Ive been having problems with my internet connection and looking for answers I found your blog. I am using DIR-300 and my internet connection is PLDT DSL. We’ve had this router for over a year now and we never had any problems until about a month ago.

    Like some of the comments I read, I usually get disconnected while browsing and sometimes pages wont load properly. When connected directly to the modem, I dont get any problems at all; however, when I use the router I get disconnected from time to time. Sometimes I need to refresh the page several times for it to load properly. The problem is intermittent.

    I called PLDT about it, and whenever we run through all those tests my internet seems to be working fine (plugged into the modem directly). But whenever I use the router, I keep getting the same problem. They said it’s probably the modem causing all the trouble.

    Any ideas? I’d really appreciate it.


    1. From what you’ve said, I’m a bit confused. Because when you’re connected directly to your modem, you have no problems with your internet use, but when you’re connected via the router, that’s when you experience problems.

      From that we can say that the problem lies with the router.

      Then the folks at PLDT have said that it’s probably because of the modem?

      If indeed the problem lies with your modem, then you can request PLDT to have it replaced with a new one. Then when their technicians visit your home, you can ask them to have it setup to work with the D-Link wireless router.

      Also, try to remember what happened before you had problems with your wireless router, did you change any settings, upgraded the firmware etc. The changes you made could be the cause of the wireless router’s problem.

      If you made no changes to the wireless router and the problems just came out of nowhere, it’s probably time to have it replaced with a new one.

      Good luck!

    1. Hi Steff, as noted in the Step No 4, running the Internet Connection Setup Wizard from inside the wireless router will enable you to put a password or passphrase to make your network private.

      Just be sure to remember it or take note of it on a piece of paper and keep it secure.

  18. anyone who can help me to install globe broadband in my tablet PC with OS of Android 2.2? actually my gadget is not branded, this is just a product of china.. I’m just wondering if Globe broadband 3G can also be applicable to my device.. please help me to solve my problem.. thanks..

  19. I also use the same router. The setup is simple. However, I’ve been getting problems cause my wireless connection keeps fluctuating! I don’t know if the router is old or my PLDT DSL modem is old and trolling on me. πŸ™ I’ve had the router since November 2009 and my DSL modem on August 2007. Lol, still remember the dates. This problem was with me since last year? Only became worse this December.

    I have to directly connect it to my computer and connect manually then the internet connection becomes okay. If I want to return to wireless mode, I return the cables to its places but then the fluctuating thing happens. Very frustrating. πŸ™ PLDT is not giving me decent solutions but to restart the computer, restart the modem. -__-”

    Sorry to rant. But what do you guys think? Is it the modem or the router?

    1. From your story, it looks like the problem lies with your router. You could try updating its firmware or if that’s too technical (and it also carries some risk), you’re better off getting a new wireless router.

      I had the same issues with the D-Link wireless router after two years of using it – connection frequently gets dropped or is too slow.

    1. I used the default settings and it was on Dynamic.

      I’m going to update this post to indicate that I’m no longer using the D-Link DIR-300 wireless router.

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