Search for Files and Folders Using Search Everything

One of the neat things I like about Windows Vista is the built-in ‘Search’ function which is better than the one found in XP. Of course most hard-core geeks hate it because it’s slow, hogs system resources and sometimes, simply because it’s made by Microsoft.

So there are dozens of third-party apps that does a better job of helping you dig up any file or folder you’ve stored somewhere in your PC.

I’ve tried a couple, but while they were indeed more powerful than Vista’s own Search function, I stopped using them in less than a month because they were either too clunky and hogged system resources or they started to bog down as the number of files in my hard drive increased over time.

Luckily, I found Everything. It’s a free search app that does exactly what its name says it does, it searches for everything. Specifically, it searches for any matching filename or folder to your query.

Everything searches for files and folders real quick

Start it up and immediately it displays every file name it finds on your computer. Entering a few key words that form part of the file or folder’s name you’re looking for and it immediately finds it.

It may not give a preview or a quick peek into a possibly matching file or folder, but it shows you it’s complete file location for you to swoop in and have a look for yourself.

Plus it’s lightweight, doesn’t slow down my machine when it’s searching for files or updating its index of the file system. One drawback I’ve experienced is it crashes more often each time I right-click on a file or folder that I wanted to open directly from its search results window. But the blame is on bonanza of items and hooks included in my right-click menu instead of on Everything.

Despite this minor flaw, I’ve been using it for over a month now. Download it for free and I’m sure you’d be impressed by it too.

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